Friday, January 22, 2010

Legoland will be making an appearance in Florida

I love reading the Lance Around Orlando blog.  He's a treasure trove of information on central Florida - and I'm always on the lookout of more fun things to plan into my vacations.  (If you don't already know this about me, I should confess that I could potentially plan a vacation for years, before actually taking it - 1/2 the fun is in the planning!)

Anyway, last week I sat down with my parents to try to help them come up with some fun and interesting things to do next month, when they take a week-long jaunt to my favorite vacation destination.  Way back in high school, my parents recognized my sick fascination with planning and researching vacations; so they are kind enough to allow me the liberty of helping them!  One thing they suggested was a visit to Cypress Gardens. We found the website, only to discover that the park had closed in September of this past year.  Guess that was out of the question for their upcoming trip. 

So, this morning, as I was reading through some blogs I follow, I was excited to see Lance's latest post - Legoland is coming to Florida and will be located on the former Cypress Gardens site.  This new park won't be open til the end of 2011; but it will certainly be something to consider visiting on a future trip to Florida!

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Sheri said...

Oh now that Legoland is something we would definitely want to see-my boy is a lego nut and actually, so is Sissy. Thanks for sharing that tidbit! And I have to say, I am not really that clever, as those lapbook flapables in a notebook, well I got that concept from Dinah Zike. Can we get her as a Vendor for next year? Her stuff is awesome! Thanks for visiting my blog!
Blessing Cap'n-

panamamama said...

Oh, Legoland. I'm not telling my boys or we'll be planning a trip now! We went to the one in CA a few years ago and it was so much fun!

Jodi said...

I agree, the fun is in the planning! I had so much fun planning our Disney trip a couple of years ago. This year we're planning a Myrtle Beach Vacation, my husband wants to go back to Disney, so maybe next year. I can't tell my son about the Legoland...or he'll want to go! He loves Legos!

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