Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Big Picture Story Bible by David Helm

No child is too young to begin learning about the greatest love story of all—God’s love for his people, as portrayed in the Bible. David R. Helm and Gail Schoonmaker collaborate to create a beautifully illustrated book of Bible stories especially for children, written with simplicity. Rather than simply retelling the most familiar short scenes from the Bible, this book presents the “big picture”—the unified story running through the Old and New Testaments. This delightful book will help children learn the Bible’s whole story and begin to appreciate the fulfillment of God’s promise to his people.

The Big Picture Bible Story Book is perfect for parents to read to their children, and eventually, for children to read on their own. It is an excellent way to introduce them to a book that will guide them through all of life.

David Helm serves on the pastoral staff of Holy Trinity Church, a multi-congregational church in Chicago. In addition he is the executive director of The Simeon Trust, which partners with churches to train men for gospel ministry. In this capacity, he leads workshops on biblical exposition to promote practical instruction in preaching. Helm is the co-author of The Genesis Factor (with Jon Dennis) and a contributor to Preach the Word: Essays on Expository Preaching.

Growing up, Gail Schoonmaker loved to draw pictures depicting the songs and stories she heard in church. She earned a B.A. in art from Wheaton College and makes her home in Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood with her husband, Keith, and their four children.

I enjoy books like this that I can use to share the Scriptures with Ian in a way that he can easily understand.  The Big Picture Story Bible is just what it says it is - BIG.  This is certainly not a book that Ian can carry around with him - it's large and heavy!  But, it's a great book for us to curl up with in bed at night and read together.  The illustrations are bright and colorful, yet simple.  He enjoys looking at them while I read. 

The Bible I've been reading this year (using a chronological approach) is an ESV Study Bible from Crossway.  I've come to trust Crossway, and am glad that they have Bible resources available for all ages. 

The Big Picture Story Bible would make an excellent gift for any preschooler in your life. 

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