Thursday, February 11, 2010

Rainbow Brite is back!

Did you have a Rainbow Brite doll as a kid? I didn't. I hate to date myself, but I was a teenager when Rainbow Brite was first introduced, so I was a bit beyond the stage of wanting one. I do remember some of my younger friends having the dolls though.

Whether you had a Rainbow Brite doll or not, you may be interested to know that she is being relaunched this month! You'll be able to buy your daughter a Rainbow Brite fashion doll at Target and Toys R Us this month. There are also dolls representing her 2 friends - Tickled Pink and Moonglow - along with their horse sidekicks.

Thanks to MomSelect and Hallmark, I received some Rainbow Brite activities CD's. These CD's contain games, puzzles, the Rainbow Brite theme song, and much more! if your little girl likes computer games and/or Rainbow Brite, please leave me a comment and let me know. I have several of these CD's to give away and I'd love to share!  (I'd say the target audience would be ages 6-10.)

In the meantime, you can view four new Rainbow Brite mini-episodes at

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Jill said... your blog and I've been following it on my Reader...Seen you had a give away for Rainbow Brite CD. My eldest is getting a new computer for her new bedroom. I think she would enjoy a Rainbow Brite CD...I am not young enough either to play with Rainbow Brite but I remember younger ones playing with her...Keep up the good Work ...Jill

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