Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Charm Girls Club - My Fashion Mall (DS)

I love shopping and I love the mall!  So far, though, I haven't been able to transfer that love to Gracie.  That is, until Charm Girls Club - My Fashion Mall game for Nintendo DS (from EA Games) came along!  Lately, all Gracie talks about is the mall.  Here's why:

Charm Girls Club™ My Fashion Mall takes girls through a series of mini-games and “mall drama” that allows them to make it the most fashionable mall ever! Emilie’s uncle just opened the new Teen mega-mall but it’s so not cool. As the experts on what’s “in”, you and your BFFs are called in to transform the mall from drab to fab! 10+ mall mini-games including make-overs, mani-pedis, serving food & drinks, accessory sorter, pet pampering and more! 4 mall areas including Snack Court, Fashion Zone, Beauty Block and Gifts Galore. Earn over 50 virtual charms!

I would have gone crazy over a game like this when I was a kid!  As a matter of fact, I've had to pry Gracie's DS away from her a few times over the past couple of weeks so that I could get a chance to play with my very own charm girl (what a blast it was creating her and playing the various games!)  I've even earned a few virtual charms!

The Charm Girls Club is actually a series of games, which includes (to date) 3 other games - My Perfect Prom, My Fashion Show, and Pajama Party.  Games are available for both Nintendo DS and Wii systems.  We've priced the DS games in stores and they seem to run about $29.99.  Gracie loves them and would like to have the whole series!  Purchasing from Amazon is quick and simple, and this game is eligible for free super saver shipping (love that!)

I really like this game because it has lots of different activities.  My favorite activity is called "Hugs and Mugs". In this game, you have to make  coffee for the customers in the food court at the mall.  I like earning the charms as I play the games. So far, I've earned 21 charms. Some of them I won't be able to earn unless one of my friends has the same game and we can compete against each other in quizzes and stuff.  The more you play, the more activities you can unlock.

I have lots of Nintendo DS games and this one is definitely one of my favorites.  I didn't think I would like this game because it's about the mall and I'm not really into shopping; but I was wrong.  I think other girls would like this game too.  I would like to get all of the Charm Girls games!

***NOTE*** This review was written for EA Games. Free product was received in exchange for my honest opinion.

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