Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Sims Agents (DS)

The Sims seem to have taken the world by storm.  I remember first hearing about them a few years ago - some friends were talking about a Sims p.c. game that they just loved.  Recently, Gracie has taken an interest in the Sims games for Nintendo DS.  Needless to say, we were both excited by the opportunity to review My Sims Agents by EA Games.

In MySims Agents players take on the role of a special agent on a mission to uncover and foil the sinister plans of Morcubus, the corrupt CEO of MorcuCorp. Players will search for clues and solve cases across the city and far beyond as they piece together his nefarious plans.

Armed with a set of increasingly sophisticated gadgets, players will track footprints, pick locks, hack into computers and do molecular forensics.

They will jump, climb, balance and build their way to follow cases no matter where they lead, even taking a private jet to reach an ancient temple, a spooky mansion and an icy mountaintop chalet. Along the way they meet MySims they can recruit to build up their own team of agents, and unlock rare items they can use to deck out their headquarters.

I have not had opportunity to play this game, so I'm going to leave this review primarily up to Gracie.  I will say that we've priced this game at our local Walmart and Target and both were selling it for $29.99.  I just looked a Amazon.com and was surprised to find it for only $14.99! This game is also available for Wii (for $24.99).

This game is really, really hard! I've played My Sims and My Sims Kingdom and this one is much harder than the other two. My Sims Agents requires you to do much harder missions. Some of the things that you have to do on this game are feed animals so that they will trust you and do things for you, play mini games, make buildings, and other things. Your character is a secret agent who is supposed to find a hidden treasure somewhere in the town.  Someone sends notes saying that he is going to find the treasure before you/your character.  After awhile, you know who he is, but you have to find his hideout.  It's a bit tricky. I got to the end of the other two Sims games I've played; but I can't seem to get to the end of this one.   I do like this game.  I'd like it better if it wasn't so hard; there are a lot of mini games to unlock, but I can't seem to do it. Mom says that's good!

***NOTE*** This review was written for EA Games. Free product was received in exchange for sharing my thoughts and opinions on the game.

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