Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Small Talk Six: Thinking Pink

One of the most enjoyable things to me about the TOS Homeschool Crew try-out process is seeing all the various blogs. I enjoy "meeting" new people and seeing things on their blogs that are new to me. One such thing that I discovered is the Small Talk Six meme hosted by Mom Dot.  This meme is really supposed to be done on Saturdays; but, I figure since I'm new to it, it would be ok for me to post on a Wednesday.

This week's topic was Thinking Pink.  We're to list 6 things that we like that are pink.  So, here goes (in no particular order):
  • My Homeschooling with Heart totebag from The Old Schoolhouse Magazine (the combination of brown and pink is so much fun!)  I don't have a picture of it on this computer, or I'd share.  I will say this, though --- there are new totebags coming this spring - brown with sky blue trim - and they are also WAY CUTE!
  • Baby girl clothes!  Is there anything cuter?  Seriously!
  • Strawberry ice cream (but only the kind with the hunks of berry in it - and only when it's mixed with vanilla and chocolate; aka Neapolitan)
  • Pink toenails in the summer (I never paint my toes in the winter months)
  • Cherry poptarts (is there any other flavor?!)
  • The sky in the evening (you know the whole "red at night, sailor's delight" saying?  well, it's really pink and it means that the next day will be a nice one!  I love that!)


Devildogwife said...

I love my Homeschooling with Heart tote. **grin** My daughter keeps trying to swipe it though...

There's a new tote coming out. Now, I'm going to want one of them too. ;)

Michelle said...

I am with you, Heidi. :)

The Homeschooling With Heart totebag, strawberry ice cream with lots of strawberry chunks, and sunsets. One thing I miss about living out in the wide open spaces of Texas is the sunsets. Here in Alabama, I have to get out from the trees far enough to see enough of the sky to find the horizon!

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