Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Kitchen Questions 2010

I saw this over at Marmee’s Pantry and thought I’d play along for fun! If you decide to play along too, please leave me a comment and let me know (then head over to Marmee’s blog and let her know too!)

1. Do you have magnets on your fridge? Yes. When we bought our new fridge, I said I wouldn’t put magnets on it and clutter it all up; but, alas, they are there.  And, truthfully, it almost looks funny without them.

2. Do you have a calendar in your kitchen, if so, what's the theme of it? Yes.  For years, I’ve been wanting to make a calendar with pictures on it – so we finally broke down and did that at Shutterfly this year. We LOVE how it turned out. I’m already planning to do one for my parents for next year. 

3. What is your favorite kitchen gadget or tool? My Cutco knives.

4. Are you lucky enough to have a pantry of some kind? Yes. I’ve never thought of it as “luck” though. We have an older style home – built in 1929 – and have a combination 1/2 bath and pantry.  Sounds silly, doesn’t it?!  But the extra storage space is nice.

5.What is your favorite appliance? My coffee pot or my toaster oven.

6. Do you have an eat in kitchen (table in it)? No.  I wish we did, though.  Our kitchen is set up weird, and really has a lot of wasted space.

7. Do you have a bread box? No.

8. Do you have a picture of your kids on the fridge? Yes.  Plus their pictures are on the calendar (mentioned above) with hangs on the fridge with said magnets!

9. Do you ever cook breakfast in your PJs? Sure!  Don’t you?

10. Do you have a favorite cookbook that you use? I have a lot of favorite cookbooks that I use. My first favorite was a grange cookbook that my mom gave me – I have that thing about worn out. New favorites are some local church cookbooks (that I’ve helped create) and some cookbooks that were gifts from Ohio friends.

11. Are you lucky enough to have recipes that were passed down from your mom or grandma? Yes, and we even have a family cookbook with many of these treasured recipes in it.

12. What’s your favorite food? Pretty much anything Italian.

13. What’s your favorite thing to cook? Lasagna and Stromboli.

14. Is your coffee pot electric or stove top? Electric.

15. Do you ever make your own bread? Yes, thanks to the West ladies from Homestead Blessings dvd’s.  We need to make it on a more regular basis, though.  I’m a bit of a bread snob and won’t eat store-bought bread.

16. Name one thing that you have hanging on your wall in your kitchen. A really cool chalkboard/corkboard that my cousin Felicity and her husband made for me out of an old window frame from their house.  I love it!

17. Is there a clock in your kitchen? Yes, on the stove and microwave.  There’s also a clock above the sink, but it doesn’t work!

18. Do you have a bowl of fruit sitting on your table or counter? Nope.

19. What type of canisters do you have? I have a 4-piece canister set from my days of selling Home & Garden Party.  It’s the floral pattern.

20. Does your kitchen have a theme? Not really, but there is a lot of floral pottery in it (see #19).

21. What's for supper tonight? Haven’t decided yet.

22. Do you have enough cabinet space? Does anyone? I think we tend to fill what we have. I could use more.

23. Does your family use paper plates? Sometimes – like on weekends when we order take-out pizza, or for birthdays.

24. Do you have a good set of china? No. I do have a set of H&G stoneware, though, that we use when company comes.  And I have a set of Princess House dinnerware also.  It’s in my “china” cabinet.

25. Do you wear an apron to work in your kitchen? No. But, I want to – I really want to. I just haven’t been able to find an apron that I’m comfortable with.

26. Name one thing, if anything, that you would like to change about your kitchen. I’d like to make it more user-friendly, space-wise. I’m not sure how to do that, though, short of having the entire room remodeled.

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