Friday, April 30, 2010

FQF for 4/30/10

1. If you could, would you go back to high school?

Absolutely not! I have some great memories from high school; but I would not want to go back to being a teenager. 

2. If a genie appeared and granted you two wishes, what would they be? (And, no saying "more wishes".)

My first wish would probably be health and happiness for me and my family.  The second would be to have the opportunity to visit with Sue again – for just one day!

3. What kids show do you secretly like?

Well, we don’t have tv service, but my kids have been watching Disney shows – thanks to Netflix and instant streaming through the Wii.  I have to admit, I enjoy Wizards of Waverly Place (otherwise known – to Ian – as “Lizards”) and The Suite Life.

4. What is your beverage of choice?

Depends on the time of day.  If it’s morning – coffee.  If it’s not – water.

5. What is something that you would change about yourself (or are working to change in yourself)?

Oh, there are lots of things.  Where to start?  I want to be a prayer warrior.  I want to spend more time reading my Bible.  I want to be a better steward of my time. I want to be thinner (which would require learning how not to be a stress-eater).  I want to have a better self-esteem.  Is that enough?  Can I stop now?

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