Tuesday, May 11, 2010

2 conventions down, 1 to go

I realized last week that I never posted any pictures or talked about our experience at the Midwest Convention in Cincinnati, OH.  Shame on me! For what it’s worth, though, I did share pictures on FB.

Anyway, we had a great time in Cincinnati.  We had a suite at the Hilton and the room was very comfortable.  We enjoyed – for once – being able to spread out a bit in the hotel!

conventions 009

We (The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine) had a prime location in the vendor hall – a double end booth.  We had so much room to spread out (almost too much!)  conventions 012


The new brown and blue totebags looked so nice and were a big draw to our table! I mean, seriously, who wouldn’t want one?! 

conventions 013


We also had The 2010 Schoolhouse Planner available on cd.  Since the planner is “my baby”, it was exciting to see it in this format. 

But, the absolute highlight of my weekend was having the opportunity to meet so many of my Crew members!  I’ve been working with some of these girls for almost 2 years now, so it was nice to finally meet up with them and be able to put faces with names. 

conventions 018Do you know any of these great people from the blogosphere? If you’re not following their blogs, you should be! Let me introduce you (left to right)---

  1. Barbara from Alive in Spirit
  2. Regenia from Homeschool Reviews for You
  3. Penny from Homeschooling, Autism, & Stuff
  5. Lori from Loving Learning at Home
  6. Tim from Families Again
  7. Heidi from Chatter, Clatter, and Things That Matter
  8. Tristan from Our Busy Homeschool
  9. Shanna from Learning at His Feet

conventions 019

Another great thing was getting to meet my assistant and “I couldn’t live without her” Crew buddy, Brenda!   It’s amazing to me how efficiently we work together (much like all of TOS), having never even met (up until a few weeks ago).

conventions 025 I’ve had opportunity to work with MANY vendors over the past 2-3 years. There are always those who stand out above the rest – whether for a great product, wonderful customer service, or whatever.  One such company, to me, is Virginia Soaps & Scents, so I was just thrilled to be able to meet the lovely couple  behind this company – Roy & Richelle Spargur. 


conventions 040

This past weekend was spent at the CHAP convention in Harrisburg, PA. This is our “stomping grounds” convention – in other words, even without TOS, I’d have been at CHAP (with bells on)!  I love going to convention. I spent most of my time working in this lovely booth with the handsome Levi Suarez – I love meeting new people and introducing them to TOS.  But, I was also able to take some time and do the rest of my homeschool shopping for next year (but that will be in another post). 

conventions 049 Friday night, when convention was over, my family joined the Suarez family for dinner at Texas Roadhouse (very yummy, but very loud!).  Afterwards, we spent some time hanging out and chatting in Starbuck’s. (I had a Dark Cherry Mocha and there’s only one word – YUM!) 

conventions 046 As you can see, our little ones got along quite well!  I think Ian finally met his match in the “ham” department.  Don’t he and Sani look like they could cause some serious trouble?!  I sense a “you’re lucky you’re so cute” coming on!


And our next stop on the TOS convention trail …

FPEA in Florida!

Will you be there too?  If so, be sure to stop by the TOS booth and say “hi”. When we’re not hanging out at convention, we’ll be visiting some awesome people and one of our favorite places in the World – Disney! 

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