Saturday, May 1, 2010

Around the house today

It was a beautiful day in our part of PA!  Sunny, temps in the upper 80’s.  We got lots accomplished.  This morning, Brian finished tilling his garden – he planted his potatoes a few weeks ago, but hasn’t planted anything else yet.

spring 119 We went to the hardware store and bought some wooden dowel rods, glue, and spray paint (among other things).  We stuck the dowel rods in the ground and I painted them.  (There was a very old stump here from a HUGE evergreen we had cut down years ago.  The ground is so damp under and around it, that Brian and I were able to grind down the stump with a shovel and hole digger.)  Anyway, it made a great spot to paint these!

spring 117 Then, we moved to the front porch and started working on the rest of the project.  This picture shows the craft supplies we used.  Have any idea what we were making?  I’ll post finished pictures later.  (If they turn out they way I hope they do, we may even make more later!)

Brian and I planted 4 dogwood trees. We received them for free from the PA Game Commission, via our homeschool group.  They were pretty tiny, though (just sticks, really).  I was afraid that, if we planted them in the ground where I really want them, Brian would mow them right off!  So, we planted them in pots and are going to put them in one of our flower beds until they get a bit larger.  Hopefully they’ll be ready to plant in their final home this fall. 

The house 2 doors down from us is for sale.  Brian and I decided to be nosey and visit the open house this afternoon.  Wow!  Talk about a huge house with lots of potential.  No plans to move, though. But the homeschool mom in me is very envious of the large rooms that would make a great place for a classroom.  Oh well.

My schedule has been crazy lately – between trying to finalize our school year and working on some additional projects for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine.  So, my mom has been helping me with some book reviews.  It’s been great because it’s given me a chance to pick up some books that I don’t have to review!  It’s been a LONG time since I’ve actually picked up a book for my own leisure!  I just finished a book that was a birthday gift from a dear friend; and today I started on a Mary Higgins Clark book.

spring 121 It was nice to be able to sit out on the front porch for awhile, drink a glass of grapefruit soda that Gracie made for me, and read.  We have a bird nest in one of our porch lights.  While I was reading, this little fellow stuck close by.  I’m wondering if it’s his family in the nest.

Now, Brian and Ian are off to the races, and the girls and I are relaxing, watching old episodes of Simon & Simon on Netflix, via the Wii. 

How are you spending YOUR Saturday?


Tristan said...

My Saturday was:
Garden work in the morning.
A trip to the post office and library.
Relaxing with some library books in the afternoon.
A surprise birthday party for ME at 3:00pm when family and friends just started showing up on my doorstep with yummy food and games.
Relaxing with hubby and the kids this evening watching Avatar.

Ahh, a productive Saturday!

TOSHeidi said...

Tristan~ That sounds like a great way to spend your Saturday! :)

Sheri said...

I know what you are making-and I do believe that little fellow is a House Finch. :0)

Have a great rest of the weekend! Our Sat. was overcast and heavy with humidity. Not a whole lotta fun.


Lynn said...

It rained off and on today and was a bit chilly so didn't do much outside. We've had rainy, snowy, hail, wind you name it over the past few days. It's weird since it was 70's the week before.. Got to love MT.. Sounds like you had a wonderful productive day.. :)

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