Sunday, May 2, 2010

Racecars and Hotdogs

Today we played hooky from church.  My parents were going to a fish fry at the museum where my dad occasionally volunteers and they invited us to go along.  Now, fish was not the draw for us – none of us care for it – but Brian was interested in the museum because it showcases lots and lots of local racing memorabilia.

spring 124 For lack of better entertainment at lunch time, I entertained myself by taking pictures of Ian eating his hot dog.  spring 125 I don’t know what it is about this little guy, but he always makes me smile! Who would have thought that watching someone eat a hotdog could be so entertaining? 

spring 126

LOL! He puts his all into eating that thing, doesn’t he? 

spring 129 After eating lunch, we went to check out the museum.  Ian is so funny – he wanted to sit in this racecar for a very long time – but he did not want us to put the quarter in it to make it go!  We tried putting him in one of these little things at Wal-mart once, and he screamed bloody murder!  Yet, he went on Goofy’s Barnstormer TWICE.  We’re not too sure about him!

spring 131

He insisted on having his picture taken beside this Tide car.  Doesn’t he look so proud? 

spring 130 Now, we’re home and getting ready for a visit with friends.  Yum – the sugar cookie cake smells so good! 

Tell me about YOUR Sunday . . .

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Kathleen said...

He's adorable, eating that hotdog with gusto. And also crying because he DIDN'T want the car to move. My son is the opposite!

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