Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday’s Fave Five #88

FFF spring

Always much to be thankful for – that’s why I love participating in this meme! 

1. Gracie had the opportunity to go to the beach with my parents for the weekend.  They left yesterday and will return home on Sunday.  I’m so glad that my kids have such a good relationship with my parents and that they want to spend time together.  They called home earlier and were getting ready to go out and look for shells.

2. Saving over $110 dollars at the grocery store last night.  Thank goodness for coupons and a store, within an hour’s drive, that doubles $1  coupons.  It’s definitely worth the once-a-month trip.  We’re well stocked with both food and health & beauty products.

3. Family and being able to spend Mother’s Day with my parents, both brothers, and their families.  I got a very nice card from my kids, along with a Sheetz gift card, which I’ll use to buy frozen vanilla lattes (might I say they are to die for?!)  Ashley also picked out another homeschool mom t-shirt for me at convention last weekend, and Ian made me a great picture frame in Sunday School.  I am blessed!

4. The sunshine and warm weather that finally hit our part of PA today.  I have to confess that I was getting sick of the cold, wind, and rain! After awhile, that gets depressing.

5. Inko’s teas.  I discovered them at the grocery store last time we were there and picked up a few more last night (not enough, because I only have one left!)  I’ve tried Blueberry, White Peach, and Hint O’Mint – I’d recommend all 3 flavors.  I see a Cherry Vanilla flavor on the website – I’m guessing I’d like that one too.

Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that bring the most pleasure, isn’t it?  Now, I think Ian and I are going to head outside and enjoy this warm weather for a bit! 

What are YOU thankful for this week?


Laura said...

My boys just love their grandmother, and it's a wonderful thing, isn't it? I'd love to save like you did at the grocery store! I'll have to check out those teas. They sound great.

Happy weekend.

Heidi... said...

$110 and Sheetz's frozen vanilla lattes? We SO need to get together!!!!!! ; )

Carrie said...

Woah! That's an amazing savings at the grocery store! I'm seriously impressed! Congrats!

I think your children's relationship with their grandparents sounds lovely. Sounds like your daughter is having a GREAT time!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend as well!

Brenda said...

You saved $110 at the grocery store? Thats amazing!

Its wonderful to get thoughtful mothers day presents, it sounds like you had a wonderful day

Willow said...

It sounds like you had a productive week! Great savings at the grocery store, too.

Susanne said...

I so agree. The simple things are the best.

That tea sounds yummy. We love a good mint tea at our house.

What a blessing that your children have such a great relationship with your parents.

$110 dollars saved?! I think I need to take you shopping with me!

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