Sunday, May 2, 2010

Teacup Birdfeeders

Yesterday, I shared pictures of some of the supplies we were using to make a craft project for Mother’s Day.  I promised to share the final pictures.  So, here they are ---

spring 134

spring 138

spring 137

spring 136

spring 135

I found the tutorial for creating these adorable birdfeeders over at Cap Creations.  I had found the top “tea cup”, which I think is actually meant to be a planter, at a local craft shop’s going-out-of-business sale (got it for 50 cents!)  When I saw the tutorial, I knew that this was what I wanted to use it for.  Gracie and I went to a flea market/co-op type place and found the other cups and saucers.  We have a few more here in reserve – just in case we liked the way the project turned out – we could make some more. :)

The original instructions called for copper pipe and copper caps for the stands.  I priced these at Lowe’s (in the plumbing section) and they were over $7 each.  I tend to be rather thrifty, so I knew that wouldn’t cut it if I wanted to make several of these!  So, Brian and I went off to the local hardware store, bought 4 dowel rods and a can of brown spray paint, and I painted them up.  We got rubber caps (like you would use on chair legs) – they had a raised up section, which Brian easily sanded down to make them flat (for gluing on the bottom of the saucers). 

I was going to buy some old spoons, but we had some cheap ones that we had gotten at Wal-mart once and none of us like to use them – so we recycled!

I think the finished product turned out really nice. My mom has already commissioned us to make at least 4 more for her friends – and I think we’ll be making more too – I can see lots of uses for these as summer gifts. 

I love crafts but we don’t always have lots of spare time.  This was a quick Saturday morning craft that was not only simple but adorable!

What do you think?


Cap Creations said...

Hi Heidi - They came out great! I love them!

Wanted to mention that the $9 pipe at my Lowe's is super long and I can get about 3 or 4 out of one, cutting the cost a bit.

Glad it worked out for you! They'll be great gifts!

Sheri said...

Oh pretty! Very nice!

Heidi... said...

Love them! Will probably steal this idea of yours too...I tend to like most, if not all, of your ideas.

Thanks for sharing!!


Carrie said...

THOSE. ARE. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh I LOVE the idea! It's beautiful, creative and I'm sure the birds will enjoy dining there. =)

Wow! I'm very impressed!

Heather @ Marine Corps Nomads said...

Those are great! May have to steal that idea myself. ;)

Anonymous said...

Pretty cool. Never seen those before.

Lorna Holcombe

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