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Uncover Exciting History by Amy Puetz

Amy Puetz

This school year, my girls and I have been studying U.S. history, using All American History (published by Bright Ideas Press).  While I like this study/curriculum in some ways, there are other areas in which I feel it is lacking.  One such way is the writing.  I’m simply not impressed with the author’s writing style and I don’t like how it jumps back and forth and isn’t the nice chronological approach we were used to with The Mystery of History.

So, I was very excited at the change to review Uncover Exciting History by Amy Puetz.  I had heard her name before, but not had opportunity to view any of her products.  This e-book came at just the right time.  We were in need of a much-needed break from our history text – so we started reading a chapter of Uncover Exciting History each day until we got caught up to where we were in our study.  Now we go back and forth. 

We’ve all enjoyed Amy’s writing style.  It makes the history that we’re studying seem so much more “real” and applicable.  The history stories just really came to life once we read Amy’s version. Now, looking back on our school year, we find ourselves discussing what we read in Uncover Exciting History much more than we do what was in the actual textbook. I will definitely consider purchasing other resources from Amy in the future.

Here’s what Amy’s website says about the book:

Uncover Exciting History

History Is Not Boring!

What is history anyway? It is the story of real people who did real things. For history to be fun for everyone (even those who think they hate history), it must go beyond hard facts and meaningless dates to the real people who made the significant events happen. People like George Washington, who bravely crossed the partly frozen Delaware River to attack the British at Trenton. Stories like that of the bold Americans who bravely fought against the Barbary pirates during the little-known Barbary War show how interesting history is.

True History Is Exciting!

Here are some of the stories in this book:

  • Discover how the U.S. created the Constitution
  • Experience the miraculous victory at the Battle of New Orleans
  • Explore America's expansion west
  • Uncover one of America's best weapons used during World War II

This book is great for:
  • History Buffs
  • Those who want the story behind the event
  • Adults who want a snapshot view of American history
  • Homeschool families, either as a read aloud or for students 12 and up

In this 184 page book you will meet some of America's most famous people like George Washington and some of her not so famous people like Daniel Webster. Click here to see the table of contents. There are also four bonus chapters! The first bonus chapter is about famous mothers and the next three are about famous explorers.
Bonus Chapters:
  • The Hand That Rocks the Cradle: Mothers Who Changed the World Through Their Children
  • Medieval Explorer: Marco Polo
  • Evangelistic Explorer: David Livingstone
  • Daring Explorer of Antarctica: Robert Falcon Scott

And here’s a bit about the author:

Amy Puetz

Amy Puetz is a homeschool graduate and servant of Christ. In 2001 she earned a degree as a computer graphic designer and began A to Z Designs. Over the years she has made t-shirts, cards, and books that reflect her passion for Christ and her love for history. Because of a chronic illness (fibromyalgia) she has developed an online business that will allow her to work from home. Her other interests are writing for her column in HomeSchool Enrichment Magazine, doing contract design work for others, and creating historical costumes. To read an article that she wrote for the Homeschoolers of Wyoming newsletter click here. She works with the Wyoming state organization as a layout designer for the newsletter.

To purchase Uncover Exciting History, click here.

This is a Mama Buzz review. The product was provided by the author, Amy Puetz, for my review.

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