Thursday, June 3, 2010

Disney’s Grand Floridian & Polynesian resorts

Florida 2010 033

After our dining experience with Cinderella (& friends), we decided to stick around at the G.F. and check out the resort a bit more.  One of the things that I’ve always wanted to do is take the time to actually visit the  various Disney resorts.  Since this trip was a bit less planned, we had plenty of time to visit several resorts and, really, it was one of the highlights of my trip!

Florida 2010 038 We really enjoyed spending some time on the beach at the G.F.  The kids were eager to take off their shoes and feel the sand between their toes.  Even I, the one who normally doesn’t like sand, enjoyed it!  Apparently, Disney even does sand right!

Florida 2010 048 Ashley has always thought it would be neat to get married at the G.F. (or at least spend part of her honeymoon here).  Apparently I’ve taught her to be a dreamer!  Anyway, it was neat to see the Wedding Pavilion up close.  Here are the kids on the bridge leading over to the pavilion.  (Again, if you’re a FB friend, I have lots more pictures there.)

 Florida 2010 066 We were having so much fun walking along the beach and just enjoying Disney, that we decided to walk on over to the Polynesian resort.  I must say that this place never really impressed me too much from the monorail.  But, up close, we LOVED it!  I can tell why it’s 2nd in price only to the G.F.  To me, it’s actually more inviting because it’s less fancy and more comfortable.  If we were rich, we’d definitely be staying here sometime!

Throughout the evening, Ian just kept begging to ride the monorail.  So, after walking back to the G.F., we decided to hop on board for a round-trip experience.  It was the highlight of his day!  I’ll leave you with a few more favorite pictures from our evening . . .

Florida 2010 061

Florida 2010 035

Florida 2010 063

Florida 2010 072

Needless to say, we went back to the dumpy hotel and went right to sleep!  We got up the next morning and headed for a fun-filled day at the Magic Kingdom!  (more on that later)


Cathy said...

That i always one of the highlights of our trip to check out the monorail resorts! Love them. Our last trip we checked out a couple others too! Definitely worth the time. Disney always seems to do it right!

Kathryn said...

I love the G.F. resort. It is my dream to stay there sometime. Maybe with just Andy, but I'd love to. I really like how you did the pictures in this post. Is that something you can do on the live-writer? I'll have to try it.

Lindsay-ann said...

Heidi, We would get on so well. I also preferred the Polynesian to The Grand Floridian. We stayed at The Beach Club and we had one day exploring the resorts around Crescent Lake and another day exploring the resorts around Bay Lake. On our Bay Lake Day we visited Contemporary, Polynesian, GF and then we took a boat over to Wilderness Lodge where we had a meal. It was one of my favorite days. One day we noticed a wedding at our neighboring hotel The Yacht Club. It was all set out by the lakes edge and my daughter commented about it being a perfect place for her wedding!

Kathryn said...

I figured out how to tilt the pictures, but how did you change the color of the background behind it? Mine just comes out white, and I didn't see anywhere to change it. :(

The Disney Dad said...

If you want a great experience, go to the Polynesian Resort just before Wishes starts. Walk out to the beach, grab a drink and a beach chair and watch Wishes. You won't find a better seat. (They even pipe in the music.)

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