Wednesday, June 9, 2010

EPCOT with friends

On Monday, May 24th, we met up with friends and spent the day visiting EPCOT with them.  It was a most amazing day!  EPCOT is a great park, but there’s just so much to see.  It was nice for me (the planner extraordinaire) to have a vacation at Disney with no agenda!  We just took the day nice and slow and did what we wanted to do.  The best part was, of course, spending time with friends!

Florida 2010 198

Here I am with (l-r) Amy, Becky, and Wendy.  These ladies are all very special and I wouldn’t know them if not for my job with TOS.  I’ve met and worked with all of them in my work with the Homeschool Crew over the past couple of years. What a blessing!

Florida 2010 479

Our kids all got along splendidly – it was like we were all old friends!  The whole “socialization” thing that people are always asking homeschoolers about --- I saw “phooey!”  None of these kids had trouble socializing!  Ashley took off for the day with Becky’s daughter, Ali – they enjoyed doing their own thing (but I did snatch a few of Ashley’s pictures!)

Florida 2010 204

Here’s a picture of Ian and Wendy’s daughter, Mary Grace, on the boat ride in the Mexico Pavilion.  Aren’t they adorable?!  I hate to brag, but we really had a great-looking group of kids with us! 

Florida 2010 231


Gracie was excited to finally try the Kim Possible missions.  Here she is with Amy’s daughter and Wendy’s son. We’re looking forward to visiting with Amy’s family again in a few weeks, when they travel through PA on their way to visit family. Oh, and the mission – a big success, despite a rainstorm!

One of my all-time favorite things about Disney is their gardening skills!  I want Mickey-shaped bushes in my yard!  Seriously!  So, I’ll end this post by sharing some of the awesome topiaries we saw around World Showcase:

Florida 2010 229

Florida 2010 232

Florida 2010 233

Florida 2010 234

Florida 2010 235

I know I didn’t talk much about our actual EPCOT experience – I’m saving that good stuff for a future Destination Disney topic – so you’ll just have to check back!


Shannon said...


These posts of your trip are super fantabulous! Seeing Disney through your eyes is just making me want our trip in November to come so much faster.

You know how the dog drools when you put the dish of scraps in front of him? He knows he's going to get it. He just eats it up with his eyes and wags his tail until he's allowed to savor his meal. Yeah, that's me. I'm lovin' it! lol

Lindsay-ann said...

I LOVE Epcot. We spent more time there than anywhere else as our hotel was nearby. I would still want to go back there again next time. The topiaries are wonderful. I want one too. Mmmmmm that's got me thinking about my own topiary, I wonder if I could trim it into a mickey ears shape.
Glad all the kids got on so well. Loving all the pictures.

SisterTipster said...

Meeting up with friends at such a fun place is awesome! Love the pics and glad you had so much fun! Looking forward to a great year! hugs,cheryl

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