Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My ipod touch has arrived and . . .

. . . I’m curious to know ---




Because I’m cheap, I’m especially interested in FREE apps.  LOL

So tell me – what’s so special about this gadget?
And how can I make the best use of it?


Sheri said...

OK, I will have my pal Michelle answer this for you-she loves her Iphone. She has more apps than well-just a ton! I am assuming they are the same for the ipad.

RoseBelle said...

I would say the free games that you can download. I especially love the soothing waterfall and nature music which helps me fall asleep better at night. My daughter was able to connect AOL instant messaging on her iTouch so that's a convenient for her.

Michelle said...

Hi! This is Sheri's friend Michelle. I have an iPhone, which I love!! Don't know how I lived without it. You can have 11 screens of apps on my phone, and I have them filled. It really depends on what you like, but some of my free favorite apps are Tapatalk (online community), Shazam, Weight Tracker, Weight Watchers Mobile, White Pages, CVS Photo, Pandora, Sleep Machine Lite, CraigsPro (Craigslist), Ebay, The Weather Channel, USPS Mobile (I use it to find the nearest Post Offices and their hours, directions, etc), All Recipes, Pizza Finder, Howcast, iCafe, Top 100's by Year, Fling, Sling Cowboy, Waterslide, Paper Toss, and FMC (female menstrual calendar) - to name a few. There are a ton more - there's quite a few games that my 4 year old likes too. Hope that helps :)

Michelle said...

Oh - I totally forgot about Facebook! Very handy on there! My husband also has a Blog Writer on his, but I'm not sure if it was free. Sometimes they offer apps that are free for awhile and then charge for them, or they charge and then offer a sale for a bit, so it really depends on when you get it. My husband wanted one of my apps last night that I got free - now they are charging $6.99 for - needless to say he just downloaded it from mine.

Lindsay-ann said...

My daughter just got an i-pod touch a few weeks ago for her birthday and she loves it. She got all the following apps FREE from The I Tunes Apps Store, Amazon, Angry Birds, Bible Reader, Pacman, google earth, around me, shrek Kart, sudoku, water slide, unblock me and fall down. She said that your daughter would love to play Angry Birds and I must say I love the water slide and unblock me.
Hope this helps.

Cathy said...

I got a iPod Touch a couple months ago and I love it. My favorite app is the Kindle App. Love reading books on it. Hopefully, I'll get a real Kindle one of these days. And there's lots of free books you can download at Kindle too.

I also love the Virtual Family App and Tap Fish for some virtual games. I think I had to pay for the Virtual Family but it was only like $1.99 I think. There are bunches of free games and then I have a FB App and a Twitter App and something called Opera Mini where I can go anywhere on line with.

Hope this helps. The free stuff is pretty fun.

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