Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A full Tuesday

What are your plans for today?

I’m up early, working on Gracie’s lesson plans for next school year.  Yesterday I created her planner for the entire year, scheduled in about 4 weeks worth of math, 59 days worth of Language Arts (a full Total Language Plus study of Caddie Woodlawn – she’s doing 3 studies this coming year, so approximately 60 days each), and an entire year’s worth of geography. 

I’ve looked over her writing curriculum and am not 100% sure how I’m going to schedule that one in.  It’s a 1/2 year course, but I’m definitely planning to spread it out over a full year (as she’s a very reluctant writer and I don’t want to push and turn her off).  So, we’re going to wait and play that one by ear and see how it goes.

I’ve also looked over history (both girls will be doing All American History, volume 2 this year).  I’m actually excited about it!  I don’t know if volume 2 is better than volume 1, or if I just hadn’t been familiar enough with the course last year to take full advantage of it.  But, I’m looking forward to adding in more supplements this year – such as read-alouds and biographies for the girls to read throughout the study. I think it’ll make history more fun for them.  I haven’t scheduled it in yet, though – trying to figure out what I want both of them to do each day.

Now, I’m looking at her Latin book and will work on that schedule.  I’m thinking it’s pretty straightforward in the layout, so it should be fairly simple to schedule.  The introduction in the teacher’s manual is hugely long though and I’ve already read through it once, but feel the need for a refresher course.  I feel a 2nd cup of coffee coming on!

This morning, it’s off to Gracie’s violin lesson.  Then, this afternoon I’m taking Gracie and Ian to my aunt’s house to do some swimming. Gracie has been begging ever since the weather got warm, so it’s high time.  The dreaded donning of the swimsuit holds me back; but, alas, sacrifices must be made for the children, right?  And it’s only family. 

Ashley is probably on cloud 9 today.  I took her to meet up with an old friend of mine (actually, she’s not old – I’ve just known her since she was tiny!)  She took Ashley to spend the night with them and babysit her little ones today – a 3-year-old boy and a 1-year-old girl – so I’m sure Ashley is in her glory!  She loves babies but really doesn’t have many opportunities to babysit locally; so I’m glad this worked out.

It’s a busy week here, but I’ve got my Destination Disney post rolling around in my head (just have to dig out some old pictures to scan!)  And I’ve got some reviews that I want to get posted this week too.  I hope you’ll check back.  Also, don’t forget the 2 great giveaways I’ve got going on (links at top of left sidebar).


Tristan said...

Whoo hoo! You go girl! What a lot of planning you've accomplished. I'm still playing with TOS Planner forms to decide just which ones I want in my printed copy. We don't plan things as far out day by day with the unit studies, but we usually plan which main units we'll do in the coming year. This year we're trying to get 3 of our 4 big history units done before November (baby coming then). So we did the CA Gold Rush, we're in the Civil War, and we'll do WWI and WWII. I have no clue what science we're going to do. We've got tons of resources, including the Apologia Elementary books, so more than likely after Dec. we'll focus on science units and pick what we want as we go each month.

Cheryl said...

WOW! You inspire me to get going! I don't usually plan that far. I usually plan a week in advance, if that. But maybe I can do this! Thank you for the inspiration!!

Jesse, said...

It's planning time around here as well! Working on setting up a planner and get my year broken down into smaller chunks. I tend to get bored if I having nothing to plan so I'm going to rough out my year and then get the first 6 weeks or so detailed out. I will be almost childless next week while the older kiddo's go to grandma's so the baby and I are going to get our planning done! Yay!

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