Thursday, June 17, 2010

Homeschool Village – Book Review

PhotobucketThis week’s topic:
Share your favorite book that has supported and encouraged you in your homeschooling adventure and why you'd recommend it to another homeschooler.

My answer:
I am always so busy reading books for review, or books that we’re using in our homeschool, that I never have time to read books about homeschooling.  Sometimes I wish there were more hours in the day; but, alas, there are not.  So, though I would love to read lots of books to encourage me in my homeschool journey, I really have not.  There are a few that are worth mentioning here though ---

I’ve seen several people mention the Bible.  That’s a given.  God’s commands, as clearly given in the Bible, are much of the reason why we have continued to homeschool all these years (though, I must admit that they were not the  reason we started homeschooling).

Another book that I read many years ago, and really appreciated, was Homeschooling – The Right Choice! by Christopher Klicka.  Wow – anyone who could read this book and then choose NOT to homeschool – hmmm…

This past year, the Crew received The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling by Debra Bell.  Though I confess that I didn’t read this book cover to cover, it would be a great suggestion for a new(er) homeschooler.  It contains lots of great ideas and resources.  And, it’s one of those books that you don’t need to read from front to back – you can flip right to the chapter that speaks to what you’re looking for at the time.

And one more that I’d like to mention – Encouragement for Home School Moms (Devotional Bible Studies) by Bonnie Lisech.  Howard Lisech, from Deeper Roots, gifted me with this book when I met him at the FPEA convention in May – what a sweet guy!  This little devotional is one that all homeschool moms will benefit from, I’m sure – we all need encouragement, right?

I’ve been enjoying reading what other homeschool moms are recommending as great homeschool reading material.  If you’d like to check out the other posts, please click here.


Gayle @ thewestiecrew said...

I really liked The Well Trained Mind, A Charlotte Mason Companion, and The Joyful Homeschooler, to name a few.
I'm so glad that there are so many encouraging books out there for us homeschooling Moms to choose from. We need it!

Layton Family Joy said...

What a great list Heidi - thanks! I spend so much time reading chapter books and bible studies - I haven't read a "homeschool book" on homeschooling in forever!!


Meghan said...

Awesome list! I'm excited to get to know you better!


Angela said...

Well, you can't tell your a book reviewer can you you little resource hub? LOL- great list. You made me think of Lisa Whelchel So Your Thinking About Homeschooling? I love that one too!


Sue said...

Encouragement for Home School Moms sounds like a book that I'm going to have to check out for sure! Thank you so much for joining the HSVillage today.
Blessings to you,
Sue :)

monica @ paperbridges said...

I guess you could always give up SLEEP so you could read more. lol


Joy said...

A great list I need to check on! I love reading devotionals, so I am definitely going to look that one up!

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