Thursday, June 3, 2010

Magic Kingdom – magic as always!

Florida 2010 091 Do you have a favorite Disney park?  I used to think mine was EPCOT, but now I think I like them all – just for different reasons.  I like the Magic Kingdom because – well – it’s magical!  When you’re there, you just feel like a kid.  It’s pretty hard to feel stressed or worried when you’re at the M.K.! :)

31432_1465724651244_1477353645_31217582_8231773_n When we arrived at Magic Kingdom, it was right after the opening ceremony, but the park didn’t seem very crowded.  We decided to go to the right because we usually start going clockwise and this was something different.  Right as we were about to get on one of my all-time favorite Disney attractions – The Carousel of Progress – I looked over and saw my friend Wendy and her family.  Wendy and I had never met before – we know each other from online and the Crew, and we’ve spoken on the phone several times – but there was an immediate connection! (We even have the exact same camera – and I had to steal this picture from her because I don’t have one!)

Florida 2010 156

One of the highlights of any trip to the Magic Kingdom is meeting Mickey.  Of course, since we’ve met him before, we call it a Mickey Reunion.  We just love this guy!  It just feels like going home!

Florida 2010 115

Something new we tried this year – the turkey legs!  Those things are huge – our whole family ate off of it for lunch (and washed it down with Dole Whips!) 

Florida 2010 111

The girls enjoyed meeting the Fairy Godmother for the first time.  It was pretty cute too – of course we didn’t plan this, but both of their outfits perfectly coordinated with her dress!

Florida 2010 112 Since I am always dreaming of a job at Disney, I got to thinking that maybe, someday, I could be the Fairy Godmother!  You never know!

Florida 2010 098

Ian’s a pretty easy-to-please type boy.  A pack of Mickey head lollipops makes his face light up with joy!  He ate one in line while waiting to meet Mickey.  He had another one yesterday, here at home.  He’s saving the remaining 3; but I doubt they’ll last long!  This boy has a major sweet tooth!

We left the Magic Kingdom in the mid-afternoon.  It was very hot that day, so we thought we’d go get checked in at our resort and come back later in the day for the SpectroMagic parade and Wishes fireworks.  We ended up not making it back – the kids got sidetracked swimming in the resort splash pool, and I ended up with a very bad headache (thankfully that was the only one the whole trip, so I won’t complain!)

Here are the kids’ pictures with Mickey & Minnie ---

Florida 2010 106

Florida 2010 107

Florida 2010 108


Cathy said...

Awesome! I am so enjoying your trip reports. Are you on the DISboards?

Teresa Dawn said...

Magic Kingdom definately, Disney's California Adventure Park is great too though :)

Lindsay-ann said...

Loved seeing your Magic Kingdom pictures. Magic Kingdom IS Disney don't you think? Glad you got to meet your friend in this magical place.

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