Sunday, June 13, 2010

Yesterday I met another Crew mate!

I’ve had a particular post topic swimming around in my head for some time, but I’ve never actually gotten it written and posted.  Anyway, one of these days, I plan to share about God’s pruning in my life.  If you do much gardening or landscaping work, you know that you need to prune trees and bushes in order for them to grow.  Anyway, I’ve been amazed, over and over again these past few weeks, at how God is working in my life, and how I’m growing after the pruning.  He’s blessing me with friends – beyond anything I could have ever asked or imagined.

summer 006 I’ve known Sheri for about 2 years now.  She was a member of the Maiden Crew Voyage, stayed on last year as a First Mate, and is getting ready to embark on our 3rd Crew Adventure.  She has an uncanny way of putting a smile on my face with her words – even on days when I’m feeling kinda down. I knew I’d love her if I ever got the chance to meet her.  YESTERDAY was that day.

summer 007 Her family was traveling through PA on their way home from a trip.  So, Ashley and I set out yesterday morning and went to meet up with them.  Wow – am I ever glad we did!  Sheri was everything I expected her to be – and so much more.  I think I know why God didn’t put us on this earth as neighbors – we could seriously get into some (fun) trouble together! 

I’ve had opportunities to meet so many wonderful people this year.  Talk about exciting!  And we’re only 1/2 way through the year.  Gee, I wonder what else God has in store for this year?  Can’t wait to find out! 


Sheri said...

OK, ditto on that very same feeling-loved meeting you dear! And thanks for the very kind words...I almost expected you to pen "she was all I expected and moreover, I am changing my name and moving out of the country" .... We'd be the Thelma and Louise version of Sistah's in the Lord gone a tad crazy! :0)
You have met a lot of the maties haven't you?!

Hey, if the Lord is pruning chocolate off ya, can you wrap it up and send it to me? I need some recharging after that trip! :0)

Berry Patch said...

So cool! I find it really fun to meet blogging friends. :-)

Penny said...

Sheri and I have both met you but not one another - how weird is that - because Sheri and I live in the same (large) county! LOL

Kristenph said...

How fun! So jealous :)

Lexi said...

well, I don't "know" you yet...but HI THERE!!! I am a new crew person!

Gayle @ thewestiecrew said...

How fun, Heidi!! I LOVE meeting people I've been conversing with for years on the web. Hopefully, God will grant US this opportunity this side of Heaven, too!!

Debbie said...

Very Cool! I recently got to meet a friend from the Five in a Row boards that I have been on for years. So neat to get to do that and meet people IRL!

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