Monday, July 5, 2010

B90 Days Week 1 Check-in

Bible-in-90-Days1 Today is the official start date for the summer Read the Bible in 90 Days challenge hosted by Amy @ Mom’s Toolbox.  I’m super excited about this adventure. 

Actually, I have a confession to make ---
I was so excited to get started, that I actually started on the 1st.  From the 1st to the 4th, I made time to read in the middle of the day.  But, this morning, like my goal stated, I got up early and took my Bible out to read on the front porch.  Despite the fact that it’s currently 96 degrees here, it was very pleasant outside in the early morning hours, and it was a wonderful way to start my day.  I hope I can keep this up throughout the challenge.

I’ve been keeping a running post of my thoughts on each day’s reading, and plan to post them live each Monday as part of our weekly check-ins.  My thoughts are far from profound, but they are mine. :) 

I look forward to the challenge and to sharing it with the 375 others who have signed up to participate.

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Jolanthe said...

Hooray!! Can't wait to see what you are thinking! :)

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