Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Walkin the Crew Blogs 7/20/10

crewblogwalk2 Last week, I started a new weekly post called Walkin’ the Crew Blogs, along with my assistant, Brenda.   This week, we would like to introduce you to 2 more of our First Mate Mentors, along with their mini teams - - -

First up is First Mate Michelle from A Life Better than I Deserve.  Michelle is serving on the Crew for a 3rd term – she started out as a member on our Maiden Voyage, and served as a First Mate Mentor last year and is doing so again this year (this year serving on our YOUNGER group, reviewing products for preschool – upper elementary).  Michelle has just been a joy to work with – she’s always willing to help when needed.  I have also enjoyed having Michelle on our team for a “special project” (upcoming TOS release – watch for details!) – she’s been a great asset. 

Michelle calls her mini-crew “Endeavor”.  Her group consists of the following team members:EndeavorButton

Our second featured First Mate is Denise from Got Chai?  Denise, like Michelle, is serving on the Crew for her 3rd year (this year heading up a mini  team on the OLDER crew, reviewing middle & high school products).  Denise has been one of my biggest sources of encouragement over the past few years.  I appreciate her for that and for the work that she does to make the Crew a success.

She, too, serves on the “special” team I mentioned above.  She is faithful, responsible, and a great friend.  Denise has named her mini-Crew “The Yacht Club”.  Her group consists of:yachtclub

Thanks, Michelle & Denise!

I’m following all of these blogs and would encourage you to do the same.  They’ll be featuring some great reviews of homeschool-related products and curriculum over  the next several months – you’ll want to be sure to keep up!

To see past week’s posts, click on the appropriate links below:

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Michelle Smith said...

Heidi, thanks so much for the kind words! Our team is "Endeavor" and our new mini-Crew button was just finalized on Sunday. I am a bit slow getting it up! ;)

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