Sunday, August 29, 2010

Blog Cruise - Technology

BlogCruiseButton Do you use technology (iPods, Computers, Videos, Digital Cameras,etc.) in your homeschool?


We use computers ALL THE TIME around here.  I have a laptop which was purchased to be my work computer exclusively.  However, I have been keeping Gracie’s school planner on my laptop too because this frees up our desktop computer so that both girls don’t need to be fighting over it to access their planners each day. 

We do school in our dining room, so while my laptop is mobile, we also have 2 desktop computers in the dining room.  The newer one houses most of our school-related files (among many other  things) and would be the computer the kids would use for researching things online, etc.  The older one mostly houses games, and is most used by Ian and Gracie.  They can access the internet on it, but it’s not the best option as it’s an “on its last leg” computer.  :)  Ashley also has a mini laptop that she uses for most of her writing projects, etc.

Recently, Ashley and I each purchased an ipod touch.  She wanted one more for music, but I wanted to be able to check out and use all the cool educational apps that are available.  Ian and I are currently reviewing some cool book apps.  I’m cheap, so I prefer the ones that are free, but have been known to purchase a really good one now and then.  These are great little gadgets for keeping the kids busy in the car, in waiting rooms, and in lines. :)  They don’t even realize they are learning!  Tricky, huh?

We watch lots of movies in our house because we don’t pay for cable service (where we live that equates to getting no channels).  We pay for Netflix and love the instant streaming that is offered with the Wii.  We try to watch movies that relate to what we’re learning and have enjoyed some documentaries too.  It’s amazing what all is available both online and via instant streaming nowadays.  We’d be crazy to pay for cable.  Just sayin’ . . .

Digital cameras – we LOVE them!  Last fall, we visited Colonial Williamsburg for their Homeschool Days (which we’ll be doing again in a few weeks – yeah!)  My camera died a sudden death while there, so we were depending in Ashley’s.  It rained a lot and her camera got wet in the stroller – it worked off and on for awhile afterwards, then died too.  It’s amazing how much we depend on things like that and don’t realize it.  A few weeks is about all we could take with no cameras – so Ashley got a new one for her birthday in November and I got one for Christmas last year. 

We take lots of pictures, but I’m so far behind in my scrapbooking that we end up keeping most of them on the computers.  The neat thing is that we do our own version of digital scrapbooking that we use in our yearly portfolios.  We do a separate page for each field trip that we go on and these make great keepsakes. 

Yes, we use and appreciate technology.  To read what other Crew members had to say about this topic, click here.


Jen said...

We use a lot of tech stuff. I am hoping to get an ipod touch soon. There are so many neat things that can be done on them. I love taking pictures AND scrapbooking! I am sadly behind but hoping to get caught up soon.

I've always wanted to go to Williamsburg! I've heard it's pretty good. We have a living history museum right near us. I've done posts about it many times. Hubby and I were actually married at it!!

Vickie said...

I just got an iTouch last weekend. I'm having fun along with some frustrations on learning hw to use it and all the apps available. It truly can be a useful tool. We are thinking to get the 4 teens one for Christmas. We'll see. Definitely can't live without a camera :D

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