Thursday, August 12, 2010

Field Trips (#3 & #4)

I’m behind on posting about our field trips.  If you follow me on FB, then you’ve already seen the pictures from our Saturday field trip.  Our little town is celebrating its 200th anniversary this year, so lots of festivities happened last week to coincide with our annual town carnival.  On Saturday morning, our family took a bus tour of our town.  It’s one of those towns you could “blink and miss” so we really weren’t expecting much.  We were very pleasantly surprised!  The bus tour was long, interesting, and informative.  summer 299 The last stop was a large rock on the side of the mountain that overlooks my house.  Here’s a view of the town from up there ===>

Later in the afternoon, Ashley and I went to watch the beard and fashion show contests.  That was fun!  It’s amazing how people really get into things like this. 

Our annual parade took place at 4:30 that afternoon – it’s usually about an hour long and is quite a nice parade for this area.  However, this year’s parade was twice as long as usual.  summer 349 Boy, did my kids ever get a lot of candy!  Here’s a picture of Gracie and Ian enjoying the parade ===>
(yes, she’s done up for the event – wearing a dress that was made for Ashley several years ago for a float in our parade!)

Ashley and I were so interested in the town history that we ended up purchasing a commemorative booklet that was made up for the bicentennial, along with 2 of the town cookbooks (one for each of us).  I’m looking forward to trying some of the new recipes.


Yesterday, we went to Lancaster to see Psalms of David at Sight & Sound.  Psalms of David is actually playing at the Living Waters Theater (which is much smaller than the regular Sight & Sound Theater).  Here’s a description of the show:

Psalms of David is a spellbinding and energetic journey through the heart and music of King David. Discover the inspiration behind the words of the twenty-third Psalm - and rejoice as a little boy conquers a great giant.

The legacy of David's music pierces through history to influence Gregorian monks, great composers Bach and Handel, hymn writers Watts and Wesley, and today's praise and worship leaders. The non-stop excitement will have you singing and clapping along as Sight & Sound presents Psalms of David at Living Waters Theatre.

It was unlike most S&S productions, in that it was basically all music, singing, and dancing, as opposed to acting.  But, we really enjoyed it.  If you’ll be in the Lancaster area before September 25th, I’d encourage you to see it (it ends on the 25th and won’t be returning next year).  If you homeschool, even better – just e-mail Sight & Sound for a homeschooler’s discount code for this show!

Go here and click on Video Gallery or Music Samples to see a video and hear some of the awesome music from this show. 


If the weather clears up around here, we’re hoping to go on Field Trip #5 tomorrow.  We’ll see . . .

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