Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Flashback – Back to School

This week, the Friday Flashback theme is Back to School! 


Did your family have any back-to-school traditions when you were growing up? I can remember going shopping with my mom for back-to-school clothes and/or selecting things from the Sears catalog to order.  Remember Garanimals (back before Wal-mart picked them up) – those great mix-n-match clothes you could buy?  I can still remember a particular Garanimals set I had in probably 6th grade.  LOL

Were you generally eager or reluctant to start school? Eager!  I loved school.  I was an only child (until I was almost 15), so it was fun to get back to school and have some peers/companionship.  Plus, I love learning and was always a teacher’s pet, which was fun!

Was buying school supplies a big deal or did you order them through the school? Major big deal!  Still is. I’m a confessed school supply junky!  Gotta love school supplies!  My kids aren’t even in “real” school, and we still go a little crazy over the back-to-school displays!

Were there any school supplies you particularly loved?  I loved Trapper Keepers.  I don’t know if I was spoiled or if this was normal – but I had quite a few of them (probably picked a new one every year).  And, the funny thing is that up until the recent renovation on our attic (converting it into a bedroom for Ashley), I still had them all – complete with folders, notes, tests and quizzes, etc.  It was hard to part with them, but they’re not gone.

Did you take your lunch or buy it at school? Brown bag or lunch box/thermos? In elementary school, I normally bought lunch there.  In 6th grade, I started attending a Christian school, and starting packing most  days.  At the time, the school was in a church with a very small kitchen, so there was always one hot item available daily and that was it.  I did buy on days when I liked what was offered (some of my favorites were pizza rolls and pierogies).

Does the first day of school from any grade stand out? Not particularly.

Did you ride the bus, walk, or go by car to school? In elementary school, I attended school right up the street from my house, so I walked.  When I switched to the Christian school, there were  a group of parents from our church that went together and bought a van – then the parents took turns driving us to school in the  big van. 

Do you remember how early or late school began/dismissed each day? I’m not 100% sure, but 8am – 3pm sticks in my mind.

Did you go to kindergarten? Half-day or whole day?  Yes. I attended the afternoon kindergarten. I still remember the first day of kindergarten too.  The teacher, Mrs. Kerstetter, had these heads on a bulletin board – they were made out of paper plates and had construction paper hair.  I think it sticks out in my mind because mine had blond hair and I always thought my hair was brown (of course, I still do, and when I tried brown hair dye it was WAY too dark.  LOL)  I ran into Mrs. Kerstetter somewhere in the not too distant past and she still remembered me! 


Mocha with Linda said...

Fun memories! I think we all love school supplies! All that crisp, great-smelling newness!

bekahcubed said...

Ah yes--Trapper Keepers. My family never got much by way of the "cool" school supplies (and I don't think we missed it that much since we were homeschooled)--but I do remember the one year when I got a Trapper Keeper. Man, those were amazing!

Susan said...

I mentioned Trapper Keepers in my post too! I only had one, and I sure didn't keep it. Another similarity is that I was an only child till I was 16. I don't meet many people with whom I have that in common! ;)

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