Thursday, August 5, 2010

PA Renaissance Faire (Field Trip #2)

summer 217 Today the girls and I went to the PA Renaissance Faire in Mount Joy.  It was their Youth Day.  This is the 2nd year that we’ve gone to it.  Here’s a picture of us before we got too hot to smile!  LOL

summer 237

Ashley’s favorite part of the Ren. Faire is trying on all the cool masks.  This year, she was determined to buy one.  However, after trying on about a million (give or take a few) she decided that it was probably a waste of money to buy something that she’d never really wear/use; so she decided on a ring.  Hmmm . . . I wonder if we’ll hear about masks all year again?

summer 256

Gracie and I like looking for all the dragon items (she was born in Vietnam in the Year of the Dragon, so she finds that stuff cool).  We thought this statue reminded us of Aslan, so we had to take a picture.  She actually ended up picking a pendant from the glassblower – it looks like Aslan in multi-colored glass.  I should have taken a picture.

I was happy to see the guy from Utopia Armoury had a stand again.  Ashley and I had gotten the  coolest necklaces made of chain mail there last year, and my cord had broken.  I took it along and he quickly gave me two more to replace it (just in case).  I fell in love with a new style and purchased another one.  The one I bought last year looks like this one, only in black and gold. 

summer 227 Today we enjoyed seeing the Queen, listening to music played on some interesting, old-time instruments, watching the glass blower (always a favorite), drinking a pina colada (virgin, of course), watching a lady create “roses” out of tin (I guess) and watching her demonstrate old-time toys and games, trying on masks, taking pictures, and just generally having fun.  The heat, we didn’t enjoy quite so much!  All in all, it was a great day.

summer 290

NOTE TO FB FRIENDS:  Our entire day’s worth of photos can be found on my FB page. :)


Berry Patch said...

I must get me one of those necklaces!! Beautiful!!!! We're going to MA in September and checking out a Ren Faire there. I can't wait!

Embracing Destiny said...

Looks like a fun mother/daughters day! I bet my girls would enjoy something like this when they're older. I've never been to one, but one of my best friends goes every year.

Michelle Smith said...

I attended one of these Renaissance faires when I was in high school, oh so many years ago (we won't discuss how many ;)). I really hope to find one locally when we get back through to the Middle Ages in our history cycle. You've reminded me how much fun it is. :)

Heidi said...

You've reminded me to check out when our local Renaissance Fair is; it is usually runs in August. We end up going every 2-3 years, but didn't make it last year. I love that necklace too!

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