Monday, September 27, 2010

Are you a jewelry person?  Truthfully, I am not.  Most days you’ll find me wearing nothing more than my wedding rings. 

I do like necklaces, and will usually grab one to wear when I’m heading out somewhere.  I’ve also been an earring girl in the past.  But, when Ashley was a baby, I developed a problem with my one ear that actually resulted in two different plastic surgeries to correct, and it’s never gotten totally back to normal.  Since that time, when I do wear earrings, I always go for the fishhook style, as they are easier to put in and the lump on the back of my ear isn’t affected by them. 

Enter the opportunity to review a pair of earrings from  I thought it sounded like a fun opportunity and figured I’d just pass the earrings along to Ashley to wear and test for me.  The earrings I received were 5mm studs – Cubic Zirconia (yes, not real diamonds) and .925 sterling silver.  They came in a cute little black velvet box.  But what attracted me most about them was that, even though they were studs, the backs were tiny. 

So,  before passing them off to Ashley, I decided to give them a try in my ears.  And guess what?  They were great!  They worked perfectly.  So much so that I accidentally went to bed still wearing them.  This is a major feat for me because it’s a very rare occurrence when I can even keep a pair of earrings in all day.  So, I’m pretty much sold on my earrings from and I think I’ll just keep them to myself. :)

But, YOU can get a pair for yourself if you like.  Wanna know how? 


Just go to and follow the simple steps that are noted on their site.  All you have to do is mention anywhere on the internet – your blog, Facebook page, or Twitter work great!  Then, simply pay a small shipping fee of $3.77 and the earrings are yours (U.S. shipping only).

If you decide to order a pair, please come back and  tell me what you think. 

NOTE: This is a Mama Buzz review. The product was provided by for this review.

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