Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Walkin’ the Crew Blogs 9/28/10

crewblogwalk2 Today is my dad’s birthday, and another edition of Walkin’ the Crew Blogs.  Next week will mark the 1/2 way point on our journey through the Crew members’ blogs.  I hope you’re enjoying meeting my Crew mates as much as I have been enjoying introducing them to you!

This week, from our Starboard Crew, we have First Mate Shannon from Mom Loves Books. Shannon’s story is unique in that she was a member of the Crew’s Maiden Voyage (Year 1); but, because she is an international member and we only allow for so many international members each year, we had to let her go for Year 2.  But, we missed her so much that we asked her to return for the last part of Year 2 AND to stay on as a First Mate for Year 3 – which she graciously agreed to do!

Shannon’s group is the Five Sisters and is made up of:tosfivesisterssmall

Our second introduction this week is from our Port Crew – First Mate Tim from Families Again.  I know it’s not really fair to pick favorites; but, in the case of Tim, it’s hard not to.  Tim came to us in Year 2, after I prayed for more homeschool dads to join us on the Crew and he was the ONLY ONE!  He was such a great addition to the team, that we just had to keep him on for Year 3 in the role of First Mate.  He helps balance out all the women pretty well, and we hope to keep Tim around for years to come!

Tim’s mini-crew consists of the following:

Thank you, Shannon and Tim, for your faithful service to the Crew and for the fun you bring to it!  You are both a blessing to me.

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