Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Grease Wii Game by 505 Games

1074_GREASE-Wii-2DFOP_USA August 24th marked the release of a new 505 Game for Wii and Nintendo DS – Grease: the Game.  This game is based on the classic movie musical Grease by Paramount Pictures. 

Here is what the website has to say about this game:

You’ve bought the movie, you’ve seen the musical, you’ve sung the songs, you’ve danced to the tunes . . . now play the official, licensed Grease TM video game for Wii and Nintendo DS.

Sing and dance along to everything you remember about Grease and so much more! Return to Rydell with your family and friends to party your way through a host of mini-games inspired by the movie classic.

Compete in Party Play for up to 8 budding T-Birds and Pink Ladies, in two teams on Wii, with up to two Wii compatible microphones and Wii Balance Board support to really get the Grease party started!

Grease is not just a game for parties, it’s an excuse for a party! GREASE IS THE WORD!!

Heidi Says . . . I was really excited when I saw that there was a Grease game coming out for the Wii.  I still have the Grease soundtrack from the 70’s (yes, I’m dating myself – but I was UNDER 10 when I got that thing!)  I love that this game uses the original music from the movie (FYI: it does bleep out some inappropriate words and phrases).

This game is hilarious and fun to play.  When I play it, the kids just sit and laugh because, even for games that require only using your arms and the Wii remote, I can’t help but put my all into it!  LOL  Really, though, I haven’t had much opportunity to play it because the girls are pretty selfish with it!

We don’t have a Wii microphone yet, but it seems like there are some singing activities that you can do if you have one.  We want to get one, so we can try this feature out – especially since Ashley, Ian, and I love to sing! 

Ashley’s 2 cents . . . I really like this game, but I wish they would have replaced the inappropriate words instead of bleeping them out because I don’t like the way that sounds.  My favorite game is called “Bandstand” – in this  game, you are “playing the guitar”, using the Wii remote, following the order/instructions that are moving across your screen.  So far, this is my favorite of all the Wii games that we have.  It’s not hard, but it’s still somewhat challenging.  It seems like fun, but you’re still getting a workout when you do it.  I would recommend this game for anyone who likes music and fun and has preteens and teens in their home.

Gracie’s thoughts . . . I think this is a fun game. My favorite part of this game is using the Wii balance board.  It’s fun to move around with the balance board.  My favorite song to do activities to is “Greased Lightnin’”. I would tell people they should buy this game for themselves, especially if they already have a Wii balance board.

NOTE: We received a free copy of Grease from Bender/Helper Impact in order to write this review.  The thoughts shared here are entirely our own, and no other compensation was received.

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