Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What’s New at Your House?

Here’s what’s new at mine - - -

summer 428

Notice there are 2 dogs sleeping on Brian’s lap – not just 1.  The people that we got Sallie from last year were getting rid of all their pugs (2 parents, a 9-month old pup, and 3 10-week old pups).  We decided to give the 9-month old a try.  I read that pugs are very social animals and prefer to have a companion.  So, Sallie’s little sister Lizzie is here and, so far, it’s going well. 

We’ve been told that Sallie is a small pug.  Well, Lizzie is much smaller.  I don’t know if she was the runt of her litter, or what, but she’s TINY! 

summer 476

What’s that on my foot?  Could it be a sneaker?!  I haven’t had a sneaker on my foot since I discovered Crocs several years ago.

But, when we took Gracie for new sneakers last week, my mom encouraged me to get a pair too.  And I have to confess – I kinda like them.

summer 483Oh, and one more thing . . . we found a really cute book for Ian at Wal-mart the other day.   It’s part of a workbook series by Mead called Writing Fundamentals and is called Snip It! 

54040_L_1 So far, Ian’s only done one activity from the book, but I think it’s really cute.  The rainbow picture you see him working on above --- I had him color the sun and the cloud – then you peel back the sections of the rainbow and they are sticky underneath.  You snip colored strips of paper (included) and adhere it to the sticky sections to create the rainbow.  The workbook contains 6 activities like that – then it moves on to pieces that you cut out and put into pictures.  Then, the last section is to cut out pictures and put them together to match an illustration.  I think it’ll be great fun!

Sometimes you just need to add some new things to your life, right?  So tell me, what’s new with YOU?


Berry Patch said...

I totally understand the Croc love. I rarely wear anything else - even in the winter. If the snow hasn't been shoveled/plowed, I wear boots. Otherwise I wear my winter Crocs. LOL I want to get Croc boots next. I did just buy myself a new pair of sneakers though - same brand as on your feet. One of their factories is in a nearby town and during the fair there they have a large tent sale. I LOVE that book you shared as well. I'll be looking for that the next time I'm in Wally World.

Sheri said...

Oh yeah-sneakers are so much better for one's arch and posture...love mine-well no, I don't they are old, tight and hurt me tootsies-so I must get a new pair...never tried Crocs....

Sounds like you have 2 dogs fer sure man....and they seem like a nice pair.

Have a great week and enjoy the wind we're sending your way-pretty nasty stuff....(well if it doesn't die down by the time it hits PA)....


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