Saturday, October 30, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 20

Today’s Topic = Nicknames

My name is Heidi.  There’s not really many nicknames for that, short of Heid (pronounced “hide”) – which is what several of my cousins affectionately call me.  My kids call me “Mom”, “Mommy”, and “Mama” – all good nicknames that I’m proud to have.  Brian calls me “Sweetie” most of the time – which doesn’t always apply, I must say. :)

Brian gets called “Bry” alot – just because it’s short and easy.  Of course, he also answers to “Dad”.

Brian loves giving out nicknames.  He calls Ashley “Smasher” and various other variations of the name.  He calls Gracie “little Macy Mai” (pronounced “my”) and “Cagner and Lacer” (he’s so weird).  Ashley started calling Ian “ee-wee” and he gets called “Little E”, “E-man”, “Mr. E” and tons of other crazy things. 

Brian even gives nicknames to our dogs.  Sallie is often called “Salamander” and he calls Lizzie “Lizard”.  Do you get the impression he would have preferred reptiles for pets?! The rest of us call them “Sallie Sue” or “Sal” and “Lizzie Lu” or “LuLu”.


SayRah said...

LoL Fun! I used to call a little boy at the daycare I used to work at 'E-Man'. I miss that kid!

Our Homeschool Reviews said...

Very cute. Our dog's name is Maisy and we call her Maisy-moo.

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