Friday, October 29, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 19

Today’s Topic = Something I Miss

Because this topic isn’t SomeONE I miss, I can’t mention my friend Sue.  But, I can mention TALKING TO SUE ON THE PHONE.  Man, it’s amazing how things you do just become a part of you.  We talked on the phone EVERY DAY – often several times a day.  Now that she’s gone, there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t miss talking to her.

Another thing that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately is camping.  Isn’t it funny how sometimes, when you’re in the middle of something, you have no appreciation for it; then, later on, you look back and miss it?  That’s really how I feel about camping.  We used to camp almost every weekend when I was a kid.  It was just what we did – it was a part of me, but  I don’t recall actually appreciating the experience.  Now, lately, I’ve been wishing we could share that experience with our kids. 


R said...

I get urges to go camping every now and again too. And it's so not something I love doing. But sometimes, just to get away from it all would be great.

Kit said...

This is so funny but I have never gone camping. I am not against it but it has never happened :)

SayRah said...

Oh I know what you mean! I used to go every weekend with my parents, just driving and visiting different towns and places (mainly historical). I miss that, too!
My dear, Heidi, I have an award for you at my blog! Please come visit me and pick it up :)

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