Friday, October 15, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 5

Today’s Topic = Siblings

Picture 009 On January 31st, 1985, I traveled with my parents and our pastor’s family to Newark, New Jersey, to welcome my 2 new brothers into our family.  I wore a sweatshirt that said “I’m the big sister”!  LOL  This year, we celebrated the 25th anniversary of their “Airplane Day”.

My brother Dave (above, in the orange) lives about 20 minutes from us.  He is married, and has 4 adorable little boys.  He teaches 5th grade at a local elementary school and coaches high school girls’ soccer (among other things). 

My brother Jon lives about 2 1/2 hours away.  He’s married with no children (yet!)  What he does for a living is pretty much beyond my realm of understanding, but I’m pretty sure it’s computer-related.  LOL 

Growing up, I also had a few “honorary siblings”.  I always wanted a big brother, so I adopted one for myself at church.  His name is Randy, and you might see an occasional review by him pop up here on my blog (he’s the resident Ted Dekker fan/reviewer).  He and his wife, Debbie, were very influential in my life when I was a teenager.  We’re now attending church with them – again – and it’s so fun to be reconnected.  (Sorry, no pic to share.)

scan0011 Also, thanks to Facebook, I’ve recently reconnected with my cousin, Cindy.  (The picture at right is of her with me at my 3rd birthday – aren’t we cute?!)  Anyway, I’ve recently adopted her as an honorary sister – neither of us had a sister before and we rather need each other – so it works! 

In my life, I’ve found the old saying that “blood is thicker than water” to be a falsehood.  Some of my best “family” relationships have been with people who are not blood-relatives.  “There is a friend that sticks  closer than a brother” is definitely more true for me. 

Stay tuned tomorrow . . .
I’ll share a picture of something that makes me happy!


Jodi said...

So nice to hear more about your family! Great pics! I love that you went to NJ for your brothers. :) My brother does computer-stuff too, he's an IT guy, but that's all I know, lol... I totally agree about friends being as close as family. I've had wonderful friends that I've been able to count on more often in life than some of my family. Sad, but true!

SayRah said...

Oh I quite agree that some friends are closer than family! Wonderful pics! :) I came across your blog through Katie's Journey 30-day blog challenge. I'm a little behind in my posts (i started late!), but i'm jumping in where I can! :)

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