Saturday, October 2, 2010

CSN Store Review, as promised

A few weeks ago, I promised you another review of CSN Stores.  My last review of CSN Stores was for a bookshelf for Ashley’s bedroom.  This time, I was hoping to pick something for me or Gracie.  But, in the end, Ashley won out again ---

Williamsburg trip 2010 Last summer, our neighbors put this chair out for the  garbage man.  Looking at the picture, you can probably see why they threw it away.  However, I saw potential in it.  Other than the stains and faded fabric, it’s a very comfy chair and it’s made my a local furniture manufacturer that’s known for its fine quality products.  It’s a smaller chair, so we thought it would be great in Ashley’s room.  Even still, we had to take the door off and literally shove that thing up the stairs!

For the past year, we threw a brown sheet over the chair to cover up the ugliness of the fabric (which I think was once a rich red, and is now a dull pink).  We decided it was high time we order a slipcover for this chair, so that’s what we did.

Williamsburg trip 2010 320 Ashley assured me that the seat was a t-cushion style.  Ummm . . . no.  So, we ordered the wrong cover.  I think, because of the smaller size of the chair, any slipcover would be a little large on it.  But, we made it work.  At least it’s brown and matches the other things in her room now!  It fits  much better than the sheet did, and will give this rejected chair a lot more life!

CSN Stores has just about anything you could possibly be looking for.  Many of the items have free shipping.  I’d encourage you to check them out!

NOTE: I received this product free of charge from CSN Stores, in exchange for my honest opinion of the stores and their services.

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