Monday, October 4, 2010

Kids ‘N’ Pets

KNP_allpurpose_small I received a full-sized bottle of Kids ‘N’ Pets Instant All-Purpose Stain & Odor Remover to review.  We recently added a 2nd dog to our family, so I thought this would be a handy thing to have on hand. 

The first time I used this product was on my dining room rug.  It worked great to clean the stain and I noticed that the little bit that trickled off the side of the rug onto my hardwood floor made a huge difference to the appearance of the hardwood. 

Our hardwood floors are old and in serious need to resealing.  I decided to take before and after pictures of a spot on my dining room floor:

fall 2010 057fall 2010 058 Can you see the difference?  If this product came in a large container of a concentrated form, I’d seriously consider it for cleaning the rest of my floors! 

HOWEVER, that being said, I would NOT recommend it on certain rugs/carpet.  I have a BRAND NEW braided rug in my living room and I made the mistake of using Kids ‘N’ Pets on it.  Here are the results:

fall 2010 044

Do you notice the 3 lighter spots on the rug?  Those are not the result of sunshine – it’s a result of Kids ‘N’ Pets – which took the color from my rug.  Sure, it removed the pet stain in the process; but this wasn’t the result I was hoping for on my $500 rug.  So, I’m a little disappointed. 

If you would like to try Kids ‘N’ Pets, you may do so for free.  How?  Simply “like” Kids ‘N’ Pets on Facebook.  Upon doing so, you can download a rebate for a Free Bottle of any Kids ‘N’ Pets brand product.  You can also follow Kids ‘N’ Pets on Twitter.

NOTE: This is a Mama Buzz review. The product was provided by Kids ‘N’ Pets for this review.

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