Saturday, October 16, 2010

Taking some time for me!

I started this blog at the beginning of this year because I was in need of a change.  Back at HSB, I enjoyed playing around with my template and designing my own page elements, etc.; but since moving over to blogger, I didn’t have enough time to figure out how to do all of that.  So, I ended up treating myself for my birthday – and getting a custom-made template (which I really liked).

But, much like the living room in my home, I was in need of a change and rearrange!  So ---

I recently spent the money to upgrade to Scrapbook Factory Deluxe (version 5).  It arrived last week and I immediately installed it on my computer.  Finally, this week, I made some time to play around with it and created my new blog header and buttons.  I used a digital scrapbook kit that I had purchased on clearance at Designs by Krista

Then, my friend Jolanthe, from Homeschool Creations and No Ordinary Moments, graciously took the time to help me change the font colors to match! 

Now, I’m finally feeling at home (again) in my own blog!  I hope you feel at home here too! 


Michele said...

Very Pretty!

Michelle Smith said...

I DO really like your blog layout and look, Heidi! :)

Lynn said...

Looks great Heidi... :)

Heidi... said...

I noticed the new look last week and I REALLY like it!!

Kelly said...

Looks beautiful! I thought it had changed, but I couldn't quite remember.

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