Sunday, October 17, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 7

Today’s Topic = My Favorite Movies

Actually, I’m a day late on posting!  I started pre-posting this on Saturday - - - then Ashley told me the whole point of the 30 Day Challenge is to post EVERY day (meaning = WRITE every day!)  So, I stopped, hoping for some free time to write yesterday afternoon, and it never came.  Now, I’m late!  Anyway ---

We don’t have tv service in our home and haven’t for over 6 years now.  So, basically, we only watch movies (and older tv series on DVD or via Netflix). 

index One of my all-time favorite movies is A League of Their Own.  This movie is a perfect combination of fun and drama all rolled into one.  I laugh, I cry – what could be better?!  Our copy is on VHS, so I don’t watch it much  these days (as our only VHS machine is in Ashley’s bedroom) – but I still count it among my faves!

images One of my more current favorites would have to be The Blind Side.  Ashley and I went to see it in the theater and I cried like a baby!  We knew we’d have to add this one to our DVD collection when it became available and we bought it right away.  Though this one is definitely a drama, there’s enough in there to make you smile a great deal too!

images Because I’m a huge fan of Anne, I can’t make a list like this without including this.  Again, unfortunately, I own this entire series of movies on VHS.  Why does technology have to keep changing?!  I could really use a good Anne fix right about how.  Anne and I are definitely kindred spirits. 

images Facing the Giants, and all the movies by the Sherman brothers (Fireproof, Flywheel) – we love them all!  I’m still amazed at how they made such a great movie on such a small  budget – that was a total God-thing!  We own all of these movies and watch them often.  A clean movie with a great storyline and an everlasting message – what could be better?

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Debbie said...

Good choices Heidi. My girls love Anne. I have not seen The Blind Side. I like League of Their Own too. The only one of your favorites that made my favorite list though was Facing the Giants. I also had Fireproof and Flywheel on there.

I was behind too. I did three yesterday! I hoped to be able to keep up, but life happens.

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