Thursday, October 14, 2010

TILT: Institute for Excellence in Writing

tiltSince I shared a somewhat “fluffy” favorite last week, I thought I’d be a little more serious this week - - -

As a homeschool mom, I’m always on the lookout for new (and new to me) things to use with my kids to make our homeschool experience the best that it can be.  Homeschooling can be a challenge sometimes – especially when you have children who are very different and you need to find different curriculum/products to meet their learning needs/styles. 

Such is the case when it comes to writing in my home – I have a 16-year-old girl who could sit around all day and do nothing but write.  Then, on the opposite end of the spectrum, I have a 10-year-old who would much prefer to have a tooth pulled than write one sentence. 

I had heard of Institute for Excellence in Writing (great things) but never looked at it seriously.  I was recently introduced to this program by way of the Homeschool Crew (who will be reviewing this program over the next weeks).  We received several of their products to review and I was excited to view the first DVD in the Teaching Writing: Structure and Style set.  Wow!  I was knocked over with fascination! 

This actually seemed like a program that would work wonders with my reluctant writer.  And my writing-lover said “even if you don’t make me, I want to do this program, Mom!” 

We’re only about 3 days into using their Student Writing Intensive programs (levels A & C) with the girls – but, so far, I’m in LOVE – and I’m kicking myself for not looking into this more seriously in the past.  But, God works all things for good, right?  And, I’m sure he brought this program into our lives “for such a time as this” (because He’s been amazing like that when it comes to my job with the Homeschool Crew – I’m sure many of our members could share similar stories and experiences). 

And now I need to go and  measure my dining room wall for a white-board.  (We painted last fall and I said I didn’t want to hang anything on my freshly painted walls – but Andrew Peduwa says that we need one – and it’s been a year, so it’s time, right?!)


Debbie said...

We have used IEW for years and love it!

Heather said...

I am excited if you like it! I have heard good things about this one, also. Good luck with it!

Tristan said...

Hehe, this does look great. We're going to start the SWI A soon and I just finished watching Spelling and the Brain and figuring out how (and why) to try their Phonetic Zoo. Should be interesting!

PS> Love the blog makeover - cute!

Michelle Smith said...

Yes, it is a good time for a dry erase white board for your dining room! Have fun with this, and I hope it is just the key for your son's writing to take off! :)

lmcinnis said...

I'm with you Heidi! Simply standing in awe of GOD's amazing goodness! HIS timing is perfect and we're being blessed beyond measure!

Martha said...

Just cruising around checking out blogs. My 9 year old is a very reluctant writer, too. Hopefully this is not a long term issue. I guess I will have to check IEW out.

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