Thursday, November 18, 2010

Scentsy ~ mmmmm . . .

I was recently introduced to a new (at least to me) direct sales company called Scentsy and Independent Consultant, Kimberlee Day Chaney.  Having previously represented a home party plan myself (the company formerly known as Home & Garden Party), I’m always interested in these types of companies and seeing what they have to offer. 

One of my favorite things to sell when I was in the business was candles.  So, I was excited to see what Scentsy had to offer.  I love candles and smelly things – especially in the fall and winter months. 

october-scentsy-warmer In order to do my review, I was able to select a full-sized Scentsy Warmer and a Scentsy Bar.  I chose the October “warmer of the month” ===>

Isn’t it lovely?  I was surprised, when I opened the box, to discover how large it is.  Just looking at a picture on a website does NOT do these products justice – that’s for sure!  The base of the warmer comes with an included light bulb and a cord to plug it in.   The top part is removable (for easy cleaning). 

Even though this is considered a “fallish” item, I plan to leave it out in my home all year round as a reminder of all the many things that we have to be thankful for each day.

BAR 2 I wanted a fall scent to burn in my warmer, so I chose the Baked Apple Pie scent.  These bars sell for just $5 and are able to be broken apart into smaller pieces so they last a long time.  So far, I’ve used my warmer several times and am still using the same small section of the Scentsy bar.  It still smells as wonderful as it did the very first time! 

Most of the Full-Sized Warmers sell for $30, while some sell for $35.  The size and quality of these products makes them well-worth the price.  All you need is one; however, it would sure be fun to have several! 

One thing I LOVE about products like this is that they are much safer than regular candles, as long as you place them on a secure surface that won’t be easily bumped.  Because they aren’t candles with wicks, you don’t get that black residue on surrounding areas (trust me, I’ve ruined several pieces of furniture by burning candles too close to a surface).  I’ve had tart-warmers in the past, but this is the first electric-style that I’ve tried.  I’m impressed – and, when it comes to scented products like this, I’m not easy to please. 

DSW-CAPR Some of my other favorite styles would be the Capri color in the Island Collection DSW-ANGO (at left) and the Angora color in the Isabella collection (at right).  These would definitely be year-round pieces that would compliment any decor.

Scentsy also sells Mid-Sized Warmers (which retail for $25) and Plug-in (nightlight-style) Warmers ($15).  In addition to the Scentsy bars, you can also purchase Scentsy bricks (one pound, for $20).  I’d encourage you to check the website for the “fragrances on the go” as well.  There are all kinds of smelly goodies that I’d love to try!

If you’re looking for a home-based business and a way to earn some extra money for your family, you might want to check out Scentsy. You can find more information on the opportunity here. If you decide to sign up, please tell Kimberlee that you heard about Scentsy on my blog. Man, I wish I had more time – I’d totally consider selling these products myself - ‘cause I like them that much!

NOTE: This is a MamaBuzz review.  I received free product from Kimberlee Chaney in order to write my honest review. 

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I'm hosting my first party for a friend on Friday night. :-)

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