Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Holiday Bliss 2010 – December 8th

1105136_christmas_balls Ashley saved the day yesterday!  She found all the “missing” Christmas cd’s.  (I put that in quotes because nothing is every really missing or lost around here – we always put things where we will remember and be sure to find them again – what a joke!  Please tell me this happens are your house too!)

In any case, I’m thrilled to have ALL my Christmas music back together in one place.  My current favorite is the Christmas cd by this guy (what an amazing voice – I could listen to him all day!):

And, even though I already mentioned it the other day, I’m also really enjoying listening to Christmas music performed in my own home – Gracie on piano and/or violin.  Last night, her ensemble group had opportunity to perform at a ritzy clothing store in an area town (we’re talking $198 for a belt – who spends that kind of money?!)  Anyway, this video was from Saturday, but it’s my favorite Christmas tune that they do (it’s called Christmas Canon):

What are you listening to this season?


SisterTipster said...

How beautiful~and I know Gracie has made you a proud Mama! Love it! Have a blessed day! HUGS! (BTW~today is NOT Monday, aren't ya glad? ME TOO! LOL)

Vickie said...

Yes it happens in my house too. Still looking for that Advent curriculum book that I put somewhere I wouldn't forget and could find it easily enough! Ha!

Heather @ Marine Corps Nomads said...

We have the "missing" items too. lol!

I so enjoy Christmas music, so I have an ever increasing selection of music. I'm thankful for being able to put everything in mp3 format. ;)

Jennifer said...

Beautiful! My girls enjoyed hearing your daughter play with her ensemble group.
We are still looking for the can of peanuts that I hid so we wouldn't eat them before using them in our Christmas candy.

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