Friday, January 7, 2011

Juno Baby

A few weeks ago, America’s Family Network offered a great deal on Juno Baby purchases, which I shared about on my Facebook page.  As a “thank you” for sharing about this special deal, I received a gift pack from Juno Baby. 

I received a Juno Baby totebag and a Juno Baby DVD.  The tote is amazing.  It’s a little bit bigger than most of my totebags and very sturdy.  There is an extra pocket on the outside of the tote, and a mesh pocket on the inside (perfect for a drink bottle).  I quickly designated my new  tote to be my church tote as it’s just the right size for my (large) Bible, notebook, and all the kids’ goodies. 

A  bit about Juno Baby:

Juno and her puppet friends sing, play and learn in a series of vignettes created to instill a lifelong love of music in children. Featuring original music performed by a live orchestra, Juno Baby addresses overcoming childhood fears, the importance of friendship, problem solving skills, and creating music from things found in the world around you.

waytogojuno My youngest is almost 5, and the DVD I received didn’t hold his interest.  He LOVES music, but this just seemed to be below him.  I believe the target audience of Juno Baby is younger children (infant through early preschool); and, as such, I would highly recommend it. 

We love music at our house and I definitely recommend sharing music with your children at a very young age.  My older girls are  both very interested in music – the oldest one sings and play guitar, while my middle child is pursuing lessons in both piano and violin.  My youngest loves to sing and sings all the time! 

Here is what The Juno Company has to say about the benefits of exposing little ones to music:

Our goal at The Juno Company is to inspire a love for beautiful music. That being said, there is a significant amount of research that suggests early exposure to music has many benefits. For example, music skills were found to correlate significantly with both phonological awareness and reading development in preschool children.[2] In addition, music has been shown to play a significant role in language and cognitive development.[3] For example, you might notice that a toddler can only speak in two or three word phrases but has the ability to sing long phrases of familiar songs. We feel it is very important to expose children to music.

And here’s what they say about their appeal to young children:

Many families have more than one child under five. And in many households, children of different ages enjoy the same DVD or CD together. Because of this, we’ve developed a research based video and audio series that “grows with your child” ™. Depending on age and stage of development, children from ages one to five will find different components of our videos appealing. For example, younger children might enjoy the slow and deliberate speaking manner of the characters, sonorous music and bright colors while older children might enjoy the clever stories, funny characters and interactive features.

Juno Baby DVD’s would make excellent  gifts for those little ones in your life!  You can follow Juno Baby on Facebook and Twitter, and check out their YouTube channel. 

NOTE: I received free product from Juno Baby as part of a promotion with America’s Family Network.  I received no other compensation.

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