Monday, January 31, 2011

miscellany monday 1/31/11

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

{one} Today is the 26th anniversary of my brothers’ adoption. I remember going to the airport in NJ to pick them up.  I wore an “I’m the big sister” sweatshirt – that thing was bright pink – I’m NOT a pink girl.  LOL  Seeing my parents walk through the journey of adoption is one of the main reasons we chose adoption as a means of adding to our family.  Now, 26 years later, my youngest brother and his wife have started the process of adopting their own baby from Korea.  Yippee!!!

{two}  After a few weeks of doubling up on our school days, we took the day off today.  The kids had dentist appointments.  And, we don’t just go to the dentist – we make a full day of it!  The good news = NO CAVITIES.  The dentist did say that it’s time to start thinking about an orthodontic consultation for Gracie.  Not sure I’m ready for that bill, but it’s necessary.

{three}  My mom called this morning.  Seems she and my dad can’t get out of parent mode, even though I’m 40 years old (please don’t remind me that I’ll be 41 in less than 2 months – I’m in denial).  They heard that a winter storm was coming and didn’t want me out driving around in it.

{four} Lucky for me, the storm decided to hold off and we were able to eat lunch, go to Hershey Chocolate World, hit up a few outlets (aka DISNEY!), go to BJ’s to make use of some coupons, get home – and it’s still not snowing.

{five} I bought my “baby” girl (she’s 10 1/2) juniors’ jeans today.  Aeropostale had jeans on sale for $9.99 and all of her 12 slims are getting to short already.  Thing is, she’s about as big around as a toothpick and can’t keep jeans up unless they have those draw-up waistbands.  So, I’m going to see if my mom can put some elastic in them at the sides.  We also found her several summer shirts for $3.99 each.  Can’t beat a sale like that!

{six} Thanks to Netflix, we’ve become a bit addicted to Psych.  Problem is, we’ve watched the first four seasons, and now we’re not-so-patiently awaiting season 5.  Those of you who watch it on tv – no spoilers please!

{seven} As much as I don’t like winter, I almost hope this storm that’s coming is a doozy.  We really haven’t gotten much snow yet this winter and my kids would love to go out and play. 

{eight} Ashley and I couldn’t help ourselves.  We got more Disney mugs.  They were on sale at the Disney Outlet for only $1.99.  We got Cinderella and Belle.  We’re addicts, what can  we say?!


Michele said...

Love you post, Heidi! I am so excited your brother and his wife are adopting!

Melissa said...

We like Psych too...that and Monk (also on Netflix)! We're only in season 3 tho...and actually I've missed quite a few of them, because Bridgette will watch them sometimes at night when we're watching something else in our room. Of the two tho, I think Monk is my favorite!

Jennifer said...

That sounds like a great day with no cavities followed by chocolate and shopping with sales!

Carrie said...

;D I like your Disney ticker here on the sidebar. (BTW, don't know if I mentioned but we had a fantastic time at Disneyland over Christmas.)

I'm glad your parents aren't the only ones still being parents.

Berry Patch said...

We're also loving Psyche through Netflix. Our 14 year old son watches it with us and loves it the most I think. It's fun & campy and a great take on how being observant works. ;-)

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