Sunday, February 6, 2011

Disney SouvenEARS – then and now

mickey-mouse-10This week’s topic for our Destination Disney meme is two-fold:

  • First, check out all the cool 40th anniversary merchandise pics that Zanna posted.  See anything that really catches your eye?  If you’re going to Disney this year, what’s at the top of your “must have” souvenir list?  Is it a 40th anniversary item?
  • Second, please share your favorite Disney souvenirs with us.  Pictures are nice!  Tell us when you went to Disney and where you bought your souvenir.  Is it something you use, display, or wear? 

Due to some recent events, I’m not 100% sure if we’ll be able to travel to FL this year or not –17421182 but I’m still crossing my fingers and hoping!  If we do make it down during the 40th Anniversary celebration, I’m sure that both Ashley and  I will be wanting photo albums that showcase this special celebration.  When we went last 17421183 year (May 2010) I picked this album ===>

And Ashley picked this one

I used to do scrapbooking, but our album from our 2005 trip literally fell apart.  These albums make nice keepsakes, and take so much less time to put together. :)

Duffy_998 I also know that Gracie is going to want a Duffy the Disney Bear this trip.  She’s been saving her money to buy the  bear and an outfit for him.

Florida '09 025 When we went with friends in January of ‘09, we made our own Disney souvenirs.  Here our family is sporting our swirly Mickey ears t-shirts.  We made 2 other sets of t-shirts that year as well (but these were our favorites).  I’m already thinking that we may make some new ones for our next trip.  We like buying shirts in the parks, but these were so much cheaper, and not everyone else was wearing them (which made them fun). 

Florida '09 099 Ian’s personal favorite souvenir doesn’t last too long.  Florida 2010 098 Here he is with his Mickey Head lollipops in 2009, and again in 2010.  I’m pretty sure, if he has his way, he’ll get a new pack of these on every trip!  LOL  (Oh, the simple things in life!)

One of the things I really enjoyed about our trip in 2009 was taking advantage of a Disney Photopass Share (to buy one on your own costs a fortune, but the share was well worth the money we spent – I think it was like $18 per family, and we split that with our friends!)  We got some of the cutest pictures – and pictures certainly make great keepsakes.  Here are a few of our favorites:

Florida '09 019Florida '09 029 Florida '09 020 Florida '09 023 Florida '09 006

I’m hoping to get involved in another share for our next trip.  Otherwise, we don’t end up with many (if any) pictures of all 5 of us).

Please, tell us about your favorite Disney souvenirs – and don’t forget to link up


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