Thursday, February 10, 2011

Feeling GOOFY

goofy25 It seems that Goofy is feeling a bit left out.  His lawyer contacted me and said that he is less-than-thrilled that my blog is so mouse-absorbed.   So, because I am an equal-opportunity blogger, and I surely don’t want anyone to feel slighted ===>

There you go, Goofy!  Enjoy the spotlight today here at Reviews & Reflections! 

And, just because we really do love you, here are a few more Goofy images to share:

Florida '09 001

Florida '09 002

Stay tuned – tomorrow we’ll have a brand new Destination Disney topic! 


Wonder Mom said...

The last time we went to Disney World, Goofy was most DEFINITELY one of our favorite Meet 'n Greet characters...he flirted shamelessly with the single gal in our group, and had to kiddos in stitches!

I am glad to see you "featured" him on your blog! :0)

Sheri said...

Thank you, my client is much relieved to finally outshine that big eared pal of his (and we are not talking about Dumbo-who is also our client). He feels so important that he has now become your best fan (and perhaps stalker? Well we handle those cases too-I can forward my business card). Actually, we didn't encounter Goofy when we were there (at least that I can recall) but we know he was there somewhere (probably in an air conditioned building as it was like 110 degrees that day).

Thanks for mentioning our client and as always-a pleasure doing litigation with you.

Attorneys at something and something and something (as I forgot where I work)

My Own Sense and Sensibility said...

I love it! My boy Loves Goofy. He is determined to get a Goofy hat next time we go.

alecat said...

If you see Goofy again, tell him that he has a HUGE fan down here in Australia. My brother-in-law has everything Goofy in his house, and is raising another admiring in my nephew! :)

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