Monday, February 21, 2011

miscellany monday – 2/21/11

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
The Disgruntled Customer Edition
{one} I cannot, in good conscience, recommend GM/Chevy products to my readers.  I have never actually purchased one, but I do have a 2000 Chevy Venture van that we sort of inherited from my parents when they decided to downsize.  This is the van that was actually purchased while Brian and I were in Vietnam adopting Gracie – my mom thought we needed a way to all ride home from the airport in one vehicle, hence the van. 
This van has been extremely well-maintained and cared for over the years.  From the get-go, though, the speedometer has been off (we found this out for sure when we traveled to Florida together with my parents in 2005 – our Ford Windstar showed many less miles traveled than the Venture recorded).  Hence, the fact that it is saying it has 130,000 miles on it really isn’t accurate.  It’s probably closer to 115,000. 
The fact that it is now in need of over $5,000 worth of repairs really has me disillusioned.  When I shared with the Service Manager at the local Chevy dealership that I think Chevy should be ashamed and that I’d hate to have his job, he shared some other issues they’ve been seeing with some of the Chevy trucks and other vans.  NOT GOOD! 
Add all this to the fact that GM took a government bail-out and I can say with all assurance that I will never purchase a vehicle from GM.  No worries there. 
{two} If you happen to receive a call from Summers Bay Resorts offering you a special deal to come down to Orlando and stay a few nights for a really great price – all in exchange for listening to their 90-minute sales pitch – DON’T DO IT!  It sounds good over the phone, but . . .
What they don’t tell you (the fine print) arrives with the informational package  that they purposely don’t send out right away.  Then, when you have it in your hands, it’s too late to complain because the fine print states that you have 7 days from purchase to change your mind – and you don’t see said fine print ‘til much longer than 7 days after purchase.
This deal is only good for 4 people or less.  Had they told me that up front, I would have promptly declined, considering the fact that we have 5 members in our family.  To take a 5th person means upgrading to a suite for a grand total of $70 more PER NIGHT.  What?!  You’re kidding right? 
I’m going to call and do some more complaining today, but I think we might have been better off simply throwing $150 directly down the toilet.  Oh well – you live, you learn, right?
{three} I hate the flu.  I know it’s not really a disgruntled “customer” thing – but in a way, it is.  I didn’t order the flu for my family – it just came, free of charge.  All three kids have had it now.  I hate to sound selfish, but I’m really hoping Brian and I don’t get it.  Maybe, if I’m lucky, those horrible headaches I was having last week were my personal bout with the flu.  We could only be so lucky. 


TerriG said...

Heidi: I understand your frustration. I hated to buy a foreign vehicle, but let's face it, they are so much more reliable. Oh and I just love your blog design, it's so happy!

Shannon R said...

(((Hugs))) You sound like you are having a bad week... I'm sorry, Hun. As for the trip... why not ask the granparents to watch the kids, and you can invite Brenda and her Hunny to go with you guys... you'd have a blast! It sounds like makin' lemonade time!
As for GMs... I know nothing. I think all vehicles are frought with troubles... no matter the make or model. And we're at their mercy since we all have to trek around nowadays for jobs and other things... and I don't know many who have a horse and buggy out back anymore. :o/

Hope you're feeling better soon.

Debbie S. said...

Heidi, Amen to the no-go on the "free trip". We got suckered into one of those day trips a few hours away from home. We got there knowing we would be shown some condos, but figured we would just make it a fun outing for the family. They basically held us hostage in a room for 3 hours!! Everytime we would tell them we didn't want to buy anything, they would send in a different person to try and convince us otherwise. I think back now and what I would do differently. I would walk out now with no problem. They would be the ones left scratching their heads. I guess I was just young and gullible back then. Anyway, now when they try to call (thanks to "friends" who give our number), I just rudely tell them to take our name off their list and hang up. They are scavengers!

Anyway - stock up on the Vitamin C (I take C22 from Dr. Newton's online store). People all around are getting the flu. Here's to staying well!!


Kristenph said...

Poor Heidi :( I have never purchased a GM product, though we had considered a Suburban or Yukon XL for our next (used) vehicle. I was hoping that the Chevy trucks were better than the Chevy cars. Apparently not. Of course our new heat pump set us back so much that any thoughts of purchasing a vehicle in the near future are now wiped out anyway.

Susan said...

Boo, Ford is no better. The last half-year with our Windstar just about killed us financially. And walking the whole family home on a Sunday in the sleet because the transmission went out on the road after spending thousands on it was was no fun, either. I'm very happy with my foreign made car now :D.

BARBIE said...

Sorry about your car issues. I have always had better luck with foreign made cars. Praying God keeps the flu bug away from you!

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