Monday, February 28, 2011

Pirose by Reno Rose

Several months ago, a friend of ours posted on her FB page that she had about a zillion scarves and would gladly give some away if anyone wanted some of them.  She dropped a HUGE bag of scarves off for Ashley and me.  We’ve been enjoying playing with them over the winter; but truthfully, I feel like a bit of a scarf-failure.  I could use some scarf-tying lessons to make my accessorizing more fun. 

So, when the opportunity to review the Pirose Scarf from Reno Rose came up, I thought it would be fun.  The company’s website opens with a really informative video about the Pirose and all the benefits of it.  It’s worth watching!

The story behind the Pirose is a neat one. You can read about it here.  It all started with a young couple, expecting their first child, and in need of some income.  Inspiration plus perspiration and the Reno Rose company was born. 

Gwendolyn-2_medium I received the Pirose in the Gwendolyn design.  This particular style has shades of red, orange, pink, tan, and black.  It probably wouldn’t have been my choice had a gotten to choose the style I wanted.  I probably would have chosen the Ori or Naomi; though it would have been hard to pick.

Here is some information about the Pirose,taken from the website:

Inspired by the grace of a ballerina and the movement of pirouettes, Pirose is a revolutionary, one-of-a-kind, multi-way scarf with endless fashion potential.

Wrap it like a scarf, use it to keep warm at dinner or accessorize for a black tie affair.

From casual to classy, Pirose will transform any outfit to fabulous in a snap!

Why modern women wear Pirose

  • Soft florals, geometric prints and bold colors effortlessly tie an outfit together
  • Transitions an outfit from day to night with more than 12 ways to wear
  • Bias cut flatters all body shapes
  • Easily tucks into purse, attache and suitcase
  • Airy and breathable material adds style and warmth without weighing down an outfit

About Pirose sizing

Graceful, elegant, feminine and beautiful, Pirose flatters every body type. Each scarf is available in three lengths - Small, Medium and Large - but it has nothing to do with American Standard sizing! Fashion is all about proportion - the key is to find the best size Pirose for your wardrobe, and the right one for you might not match your normal clothing size. If you are petite or fuller figured, we recommend size Small or Medium to draw attention upward, which will elongate and flatter your figure. If you are tall, we recommend a Large.

Choosing the right size depends not only on your figure but also on the look you wish to achieve with this versatile fashion accessory. A Small size lends a subtle accent, while a Large size offers a more dramatic effect.  Please note, the sample photos below are for sizing examples.

winter 2010 151 I believe we received the medium size.  I’ve been dealing with sickness for the past several days, so called upon my 17-year old daughter to do the modeling for me.  We had fun playing around with the various ways to manipulate this scarf.

winter 2010 154 What makes this scarf unique is the fact that it has a hole in the center.  Most other scarves are a full piece of fabric – not so with Pirose.  So, while you can wear it like a “regular” scarf (image at left), you can also put the scarf over your head and get looks like the one pictured above right. 

winter 2010 152 The Pirose comes in a matching pouch, so you can throw it in your purse.  Start out your day more casual, and throw on your Pirose at night for a totally different, and much more sophisticated look. 

winter 2010 155 Also included with purchase is a handy-dandy card that shows you all the different ways to use your scarf (there are instructions for 12 different looks, but really I think you are only limited by your own imagination!)

winter 2010 158 These scarves sell for $35 and are available direct from the manufacturer or at the locations listed here.  I think it’s worth the price, considering the versatility of the item. 

NOTE: This is a Mama Buzz review. The product was provided by Reno Rose Inc. for this review.

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Jodi said...

Oh wow, how versatile, and it looks so pretty on Ash!

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