Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A stroller or a leash?!

Ian will be 5 in April.  We’re planning two trips not long afterwards – a trip to Florida in May, and a trip to the beach in June.  I love this little guy so much that I absolutely do not want to lose him!  (We lost Ashley for a few minutes at an amusement park when she was around this same age – and it was a terrifying experience!)  Ian’s a disaster at the mall – sure, he promises to hold someone’s hand, but he almost always finds something to distract him and we turn around and he’s gone. 

So, I was thinking --- can I do it?  Can I purchase a leash?  I used to think they were the most inhumane things ever invented.  Then I had Ian.  But, when I mentioned the matter to my mom, she was adamant.  My argument was “it’s either a leash or a lost child – you pick!” 

winter 2010 089 In the end, though, I couldn’t do it.  I decided to use my CSN gift code to purchase this ===>

Yes, we already had a stroller.  But the one we have is big and bulky.  I wanted something that would fold up fairly small, but I absolutely cannot stand umbrella strollers.  Not only are they way too small, but they have no place to store things. 

I must confess, I’ve been thinking about the time when my youngest outgrows a stroller and I’m terrified.  We always load our stroller up with jackets, backpacks, snacks, etc.  Wherever shall we put the “stuff” when we don’t have a stroller to push anymore?

This stroller pretty much meets all my expectations:

  • It holds a  child up to 50 pounds (considering that Ian is right around the 40 pound mark right now, I’m thinking it’ll last through this year’s vacations, and probably into next year too – if need be)
  • winter 2010 091 It’s got a pouch underneath (sure it’s not as big as the pouch under our other stroller, but it’s plenty big enough to hold a few spare items that we’d much rather not have to carry!)
  • winter 2010 090 In addition to the pouch underneath, this stroller has a neat little  compartment area up top.  Though it doesn’t look all that huge, it’ll easily hold 4 water bottles (ideal for parks!) at the sides, smaller things in the mesh pockets, and other incidentals in the larger middle section (I think a large tissue box would fit this section if I could figure out how to get it in there LOL)
  • The seat doesn’t recline much at all, though certainly enough for Ian to rest in this stroller after a long day
  • The handles are nice and long.  I’m short (about 5’3”) and I have to bend over to push an umbrella stroller.  The handles on this stroller are long enough to comfortably accomodate my 6’ tall hubby.
  • winter 2010 092 I’ve never seen a stroller with covers over the hinges at the sides.  These mesh pockets will not only help prevent kids from getting pinched, but they also double as extra storage. 
  • I like the red color.  It’s a deep, dark red – not super bright and obnoxious or anything.  I wasn’t too sure about the seat color because it’s hard to see in pictures.  I was worried it wouldn’t be masculine enough, but I’m quite pleased with it (if we can keep it semi-clean).

I had enough left over on my gift code to add on a cup holder that we can attach to one of the handles.  Now that I see the stroller, I’m thinking we really didn’t need the extra storage, but we’ll make use of it anyway, I’m sure.

winter 2010 093 Oh, and just because it’s so darn cute . . . (see why I love him so much?!)

Another satisfied CSN stores purchase for me.  I’d like to say that, maybe next time, I’ll actually purchase something for ME; but the truth of the matter is, this purchase is as much a convenience purchase for the rest of us as it is a comfort purchase for Ian.  (smile)

NOTE: I received a gift code from CSN stores as part of their Preferred Blogger Program.  The thoughts expressed herein are entirely my own and were not influenced in any way.


Tristan said...

The stroller looks nice!

We've used leashes before. They are a lifesaver when you have an little one who is too independent for their own good, you know, when they refuse to ride in a stroller without screaming, but won't really hold your hand and stay with you. ;)

One especially memorable leash experience was at the zoo. I had 3 children at the time, ages 4, almost 2, and baby. Oh, and I was pregnant with #4! I had the baby in a sling, the toddler on a leash, and the almost 5 yo walking happily beside me. My sister was along with her 3 little ones (one walking one on a leash as well). We got stopped by a man who told us it was the cruelest thing he had ever seen. My reply? "Well, I would rather keep my energetic child close to me than worry that he would be found by you. After all, you might be a child molester for all I know." ahem. Yes, that was not the kindest response, but it really hit the important point. We did not own a double stroller, being pregnanct I could not run fast enough to catch my little guy, and he was too full of energy to lock up in a stroller (unless you wanted to hear him scream the entire trip). So we chose something that gave him some independence (walking under his own steam) while still giving us the safety we needed to keep him from being lost.

:) Everyone is different, and every child is different! I've had some who willingly would ride in a stroller for several years and others who would not. I've actually not used a leash in a few years, but we invested in a double stroller AND usually have both parents along so the independent little ones can walk with a parent if needed. But if I were to take all 6 kids to the zoo by myself next week you better believe I would use a leash. Safety is more important than what other people think of me.

Heidi said...

They have electronic leashes now. You clip a device to the child and have a receiver on you. If they get out of range, the receiver notifies you by beeping or some other noticeable sound. Of course, you'd still have the problem of what to do with all that stuff! You can pretend the stroller is for Ian and use it to cart your coats and bags. :)

Jodi said...

I love the stroller. And, you are right, he is just so darn cute! And, I agree with Tristan's comment above! Do whatcha gotta do, girl! :) I miss the days of having a stroller, now I have nowhere to put my stuff. :(

Rodna said...

I understand completely. I used to look at those people who had their kids on a leash, and think, your kids are not dogs people! lol
Shame on me. Cause then I had Nathan...
If I didn't have one, who would have ran off. i got him the cute backpack doggie one, and he loved it. he wanted to wear his "puppy"
You know, you just do what is best for you child and don't worry about what others think. You don't want to regret it one day.
Nathan has a jeep stroller that is black that looks just like yours.

Cristi said...

When my oldest daughter was about 2, I put a leash on her while I was flying internationally by myself. I didn't want to lose her while I claimed our baggage, cleared customs, etc. She got down on the floor and started barking.

I'll be watching to see how you like the stroller. I'm not sure our youngest can handle Disney without one, but she outgrew our others.

Hitechwizard said...

When we took Drew to Disney we were fearful of him becoming to tired to walk soooo much. He only has one lung. He had just turned seven. A stroller was out of the question....we rented a wheel chair...for $8 bucks on site. It was awesome!!

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