Saturday, March 26, 2011

My First Trip to WDW ~ January 1988

mickey-mouse-10 I’m behind!  This week’s DD topic is Hidden Mickeys.  But, I’m still working on last week’s topic – which was to share about our first trip to Walt Disney World.  Yes, there’s a reason why I leave the linky open for TWO weeks instead of just one!  I want to make sure EVERYONE has time to play along – and that includes ME!  I had to raid my mom’s old photo albums to find some pictures to share.  So, here goes - - -

I was a senior in high school when we made our first trip to WDW.  It’s funny, I can never remember if it was 1987 or 1988 – the album confirmed that it was, indeed, 1988.  I spent WEEKS pouring over a Birnbaum’s Guide that someone had loaned to my mom – and I had our trip planned to a tee.  LOL  (Some things never change!)

Here are some random pics from that first trip.  Please be forgiving – remember, it WAS the 80’s and big hair was in . . .

This is me with my brother David and my Dad

I love this picture of my brothers with Mickey
at American Adventure – weren’t they adorable?!

My rather shy dad schmoozing it up with Suzie & Perla!

scan0008 Big hair, yes; frizzy hair, no!  I’m not sure what’s up with my hair!
But, I thought this picture of the now-extinct Skyway ride was neat.

And another ride that’s no longer in existence -
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

My family loved this trip so much that we made plans to go back again 2 years later.  And, I knew that I would want to take my own family back again.  In 1999, we did just that.  Here are a few pictures of Brian’s & Ashley’s first trip to WDW (she was 5) . . .

Excuse the rounded edges – this pic was scanned from my scrapbook.
This girl always knew how to work a camera!

One of the family pics that we sent to Vietnam with our adoption paperwork!

In 2005, we made our next trip to WDW.  This was Gracie’s first trip.  She was 4 1/2 . . .

scan0010  Meeting Snow White in Toontown

Meeting Alice & the Mad Hatter
(Ashley was 11)

A family shot – my parents joined us on that trip

January of 2009 was our next trip to WDW and Ian’s first trip.  He was only 2 (we planned that trip to happen before he turned 3, so he’d still be free) . . .

Florida '09 120with Buzz Lightyear in Downtown Disney

Florida '09 012  
our family in front of the castle

Florida '09 019 
with our precious friends – Abe, Gabby & baby Adelie
(FYI – it was their first trip also)

This was a fun topic!  I hope YOU will dig out YOUR old pictures and take the time to participate – I’d love to see more First Trip Memories. 


Michelle Smith said...

Wow, Heidi, some great photos--even the 80's hair! At different times in the 80's my own hair looked similar! ;)

I've only been to WDW once--in the 80's. I went with my church youth group, and I can't remember whether I took a camera or whether I took any photos at WDW. We only spent one day at Disney World, though, and then we were back on the road. If I had any photos at one time, I have no recollection where they would be now. I've moved at least 10 times since! ;)

Melissa said...

You know the picture that impressed me the most was the one in front of American Adventure...I've never seen that Mickey before...with the patriotic outfit! And how cool that must have been for your brothers...ya almost can't get any more American than that! We've also never seen the Mad Hatter either in all the times we've gone! And the picture we have of Bridgette (in Dec. 2005 when she was almost 10) with Snow White, I think might be the SAME Snow White!

Liz said...

Looks like a great trip! I've been to Disney Land but not World, can't wait to take the kids there one day when they are old enough!

Thanks for joining Feed Me Friday, I am following you back! Hope you are having a great weekend and join us again next week!

Angela said...

It was so fun looking at your old pictures, wow-they look great! I remember that under the sea ride, it was really neat. We hope to go maybe the fall of next year, how fun!


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