Friday, April 22, 2011

DD ~ Character Autographs (& what to do with them)


Last week’s Destination Disney topic was
(the linky is still open for another week –
so it’s not too late to participate in that topic!)

This week, we’re going to continue with the character theme.
I want you to share
what you do with

Sure, I know the parks sell character autograph books (we own several of them).  And, of course, there’s absolutely NOTHING WRONG with these books – so if this is what you do with your autographs, please do share (and post pictures!)  BUT, I know some of you are creative and have come up with various other methods of keeping and/or displaying those autographs – and we want to hear about them! 

So, go post about your character autographs on your blog, then come back here and link up (each weekly theme linky remains open for 2 weeks – so there’s always plenty of time to play along).

***I’m going to do my answer post separately this week.***

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Melissa said...

I guess I'll have to come back tomorrow to link up...but mine is posted already :)

Melissa said...

Thanks for fixing the link :D And to answer your question...yes we did bring the albums and had them sign right on the pages. It wasn't until the two red ones that we finally got it down to a science and had them sign on the right page. The first one - pink one -it got a little challenging because sometimes there were signatures on adjacent pages and not enough room for the photo.

Christa said...

Even though it is dirty... I posted a picture of Sam's pillowcase so you could see what we did...

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